Eminem's ex-wife sentenced to at least four months in jail

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  1. I am completely shocked that drugs were involved.
  2. define recent ?? cause that article is from 2004

    Posted 6/30/2004 3:49 PM
  3. I don't really have a view on the whole Marshall vs. Kim debate. I know very well how much Eminem dislikes Kim (I have, after all, listened to '97 Bonnie & Clyde, Soldier, Puke, So Much Better, and indeed the song 'Kim' from the MMLP) but I'm quite certain it's all only one side of the story, having seen Youtube comments (actual intelligent ones, wow) under a video where Kim is interviewed (I don't think I got to watch it for some reason).

    Haha, yeah right you were shocked.
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  4. Huh? What is this about?
    There's a rapper, he has (had? :confused:) a wife, she had drugs and got in jail in 2004. That's what I got. But why are you shocked about that? I feel like I'm missing something.
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  5. No celebrity EVER does drugs wow much surprise.
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  6. Wait a minute... You're not discussing Eninem's ex-wife's arrest. You're discussing Eminem.

    Back on topic: 2004 news stories.

    Hey, has anyone tried this new site? I wonder if it will catch on: http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2004/2/9/hundreds-register-for-new-facebook-website/

    By the way SamRawCliffe, I assumed when I saw your link that you were goofing around. If not, I'm sorry but hope you don't mind if I have a little fun with it.
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  7. what you guys talking i just found this yesterday... while i was browsing the web on my phone

    LOL you're right i am :) the cyber indiana jones lol... it took me a while to find this but i just thought it was recent

    well when i made this i kinda didnt know that it was 10 and more years ago, so i thought that it was kinda big news.. also i thought since eminem is popular that there might be some more to the story and maybe ppl who know about him could have a discussion... luckily tho ppl saved this thread and had a discussion even though i was 10 years late LOL...

    LOL no it's ok... i wouldnt get mad about someone doing non serious stuff when i just made a whole thread for something 10 years old :p i liked reading the links too i felt like i was in the past
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  8. You found something from years ago. You're like an Internet archaeologist.
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  9. Or a hipster, who knows these days
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