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Would You Like to Have A $15 Supporter Option?

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Yes! I Would Love That! 18 vote(s) 54.5%
No! I Wouldn't Even Consider It 15 vote(s) 45.5%
  1. An Emerald Supporter would be a nice middle ground between Gold and Diamond. A level at every $5 Increment: What do you think?

    Possible Stats:
    1,000r a Day.
    3 Max Residences.
    35 Vault Pages
    TNT Usage.
    Name in Green.

    Also, Getting A Block of whatever Level you bought would be a nice little touch.
    And yes, I would personally buy it if you added it.
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  2. Name in green? Thats called staff
  3. 2 threads? rebel ;)
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  4. This has been suggested in the past and has been shot down. Sorry
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  5. I like it.
  6. Pixel dude Guy: Ok, then a completely different shade of green
    Kells: Theres always hope.
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  7. i have to day no. emeralds are basically useless unless there are villagers around. on a side note i think iron should get 2 res's and gold get 3
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  8. Thanks for the valuable input on an unrelated topic lol
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  9. ok instead of emerald why not redstone? lol
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  10. you are very welcome
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  11. I myself am a bit intrigued with the idea of a new supporter, but it would most likely be a Redstone or Quartz supporter that would take the place of Gold. What I mean by this, Gold becomes 15$ a month, and the new supporter rank (redstone?) would be 10$. Thus giving gold one more res, and 900 rupees bonus.
    TL;DR this new rank would take the place of Gold, and the gold rank would get a boost because of this.
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  12. I see no point in doing this.
  13. Well, I understand why it was shut down, but each time some one posted the suggestion, I don't think people elaborated on what the new rank would have and do. I was going to post "Has been suggested before, don't think it'sg going to be implemented" However, after thinking about it, it would be cool to have. Maybe even have Quartz Supporter move up iron a gold to 10 and 15 dollars. So, gold would get more and iron would be the old gold. While redstone or quartz be the old iron. It would make much more sense "boosting" one of the ranks we already have, with a higher price, but also replacing the old version of it with another.

    Even after reading this, you may still feel there is no point, but to others, there is a point.
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  14. *cough* pie supporter *cough*
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  15. why give up your quartz supporter-ships......
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  16. Iron was originally designed to be a cheap supporter rank to allow people to protect their res, hide from the map, and get a few extra rupees, it has gotten a few extra perks on the way.

    In my opinion, we don't need a new supporter rank. The ones we have now are perfectly adequate. I find gold supporter is a very good deal for what you get, and diamond it a good way to extend on gold. Also, the cost, rupee bonus and number of res's etc. is all calculated to make them all equal, so putting in a new rank, would destroy this idea. If a new rank was added, it would be $40, have 8 res's and have a 2,600 rupee bonus, so it's not really worth it.
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  17. As a fellow gold supporter, I couldn't agree more with you. 3 ranks is plenty.
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  18. Now, we can't make every mineral a rank, or could we?
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  19. I believe that the proper term is Snow supportership
  20. No. This has been suggested before. Iron, Gold, And Diamond should stay, Maybe One more kind in like a year. But for now.... No Thanks