EMC's Signed Book Library

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  1. I am starting a library of books signed by EMC members and I am now collecting books. If you would like to be part of library, please come to res 712 and drop off a signed book. (I sell them there too.) There does not have to be anything special in the book unless you want to, just make sure you sign it and drop it into the correct hopper. Thanks!
  2. Mabey you could put a shop for books where you sign them.
  3. I do, there is a chest right next to the spawn point that has free books and quills.
  4. In the correct hopper?
    What do you mean by that?
  5. You might want to just give them to those who come. It'd be tempting for about anyone to come and steal all the books.
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  6. There is a chest for each letter of the alphabet with hoppers attached to them. You sign a book and you find the chest for the letter that your name starts with, then you throw the book into the hopper that is attached to that chest.
  7. I'm starting with a 6? :)
  8. There is a chest before the "A" for numbers and symbols
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  9. I'm definitely putting my name in. The written book shall quote my signature motto.