EMC's annual Wild Survival race!

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  1. Welcome to the Official Contest Thread for the most epic wilderness adventure to ever take place within the Empire Minecraft Community!

    ATTENTION: All donations are filled! Thank you so much! The event will be bumped down and substitute player application's are now accepted. I will be following everybody in the event so I know who's online, and try to get max. player's online at once, hopeully sub's will be handy! Thank you!
    Contest Description:

    Beginning on September 15th, 2012, eight teams of four members each will put everything on the line to prove that they have what it takes to survive in the unforgiving wilderness of SMP1. These fearless adventurers will pit their skills against each other to see who can be the first to travel 50,000 blocks from the wilderness spawn.

    How You can be a Part of This Epic Adventure:

    1. Find a team with an open slot and see if you have what it takes!
    2. Slots all full, or you're too busy? Consider donating prizes to this fantastic competition.
    Rupees, items, tools or diamonds would make these adventurers smile! Maybe some of the new
    emeralds would be a fine prize to celebrate their achievements? Get creative and share in the
    adventure your own way.

    Acknowledgement and Donation wall:

    Thank you margaritte for making a base of the new forum!
    1.Bitmonger20 donated 50k!
    2.GameKribJim donated 25k!
    3.TheTruffleHunter donated 25k! (worth of items)
    4.Xandrow donated 20,000r!
    5.IamSaj donated 1000r!
    6.sytza donated 1000r!

    The Rules:

    No PVP

    No form of nether travel

    No respawning. If a player dies during the course of the event, their team must continue without them. As long as a team still has one player in competion they may continue the race.

    No potions with the exception of Potions of Fire Resistance.

    EMC rules must be followed at all times.

    Teams must travel together. This means you MUST remain within local chat range of your team at all times.

    *not following rules ends in disqualification

    Athlete's lounge drop parties and other awesome race event's @ 1914
    The Teams:
    ALL teams are full, don't ask about it.
    * Team leader

    Blue Team:
    1. Terminator908*
    2. night_triumph
    3. Dwight5273
    4. Portalshoo2er

    Red Team:
    1. Daffy22
    2. pat2011*
    3. Hijaxk
    4. (reserved)

    Green Team:
    1. vividoptimism
    2. margaritte*
    3. creppaninga235
    4. sqiggleyjeff

    Yellow Team:
    1. killingman3
    2. penguinDJ
    3. IamSaj*
    4. albinopolarbear1

    Pink Team:
    2. dylan_frennette*
    3. missmadison910
    4. TerrydaTerrost

    Orange Team

    Lime Team:

    Black Team:

    The Prizes

    The first team to finish the race will be awarded 40,000 Rupees to be divided equally amongst the players.

    *This section will be updated as the prize pool grows.
  2. Congrats on front page! :)
  3. Curse you world! I am to late for this D:
  4. can i take an orange spot?
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  5. Sure
  6. Thank you for laying it out!
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  7. I wanna donate 20k to this event!
  8. Ok, sweet ill put you up and you can pay me in-game manually or a dirt-donation chest, or whatever works!
  9. Ill send you the money directly.

    [EDIT] Done :)
  10. Orange spot please! I just realized it's all good!
  11. I put you up there, ask me if you want the color of your name changed or whatever :)
  12. *puts hand up for a high five* :)
  13. *Gives High Five* I am going to donate 20 rupees for every member that participates. (Not to them, to the prize money)
  14. how is everyone gonna stay together what if someone has to leave or goes afk?
  15. Haha
  16. We have almost a month ... I'll save up and try getting a few 100 thousand rupees added to your prize donation ... if not, and i have a lot more projects in the mean time - my lowest i'll donate will be 20 thousand rupees
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  17. Make sure you have the time to, the time is going to be as soon as we can when we get 40k :)
  18. In that case... sweet, Ill remember you ;)
  19. maybe i could also participate - idk ... it all depends if dad kicks me out or if i haven't got a job yet after my birthday :/
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  20. Can i join lime team?