EMC Yearbook!

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Will you post your quote below?

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  1. Hello world!

    I am currently working on something that I'd really like to turn into something very large. I now present to you, The EMC Yearbook!

    So, my idea was, at the beginning of this, was just to get a couple signatures, and give it out to just about 3 of my close friends. But then, it came across, that there is so many people who would like to see other people's most famous quotes, in a book! Just post your quotes that you use the most below, and I'll take them and throw 'em in the book for you all to have :D

    Thanks to everyone who'd be willing to put a quote down below!

    With all due respect.
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  2. Mine is:

    "Guess what Caden just bought?"
  3. Interesting idea!

    I don't really say this in-game but I do quite often IRL. "Snaffle tosh".

    Kudos to anyone who can figure out what I attempt to mean with that
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  4. No one will get this reference, but:
    "Me guuusta jugo de naraanja siempreeee en la manaaaaana"
    If that's too long, just put:
    "Yellow Rice"
  5. "Not Unicorn"
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  6. "I'm so kiwi"
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  8. "Hey bud" you can ask anyone on smp3 ...i say this at least 50 times a day
  9. After my longer brakes from EMC the server I just join I always say "did you miss me Empire?" And then thats when everyone says "No" lol
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  10. Ok, I'll throw all these and all of these on. I'm looking for lots, not just 9 quotes. Post away!
  11. When I log out, I always say "Parody out." I guess that's my catchphrase? Don't really have one yet :p
  12. Here is mine. Everyone, try to stay in control, as I will warn you, this may be the single deepest thing you have ever read:

    "My dream was of the magical yellow unicorn who danced the mamba on a rainbow with a spoonful of ranch cheese dressing stuck in its fedora last Tuesday at brunch."

    lik dis if u cri ery tym

    I'm so kiwi, you already know, I'm in the fast lane, from SMP8 to Utopia.
  13. This is mine

    "I love you, Highlancer54"
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  14. "I love highlancer54 more"
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  15. "Idk" - Probably the words I use the most throught my life lol.
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  16. Funny, coz I say it all the time too...
    I guess mine will be "Kia Ora"
  17. Ok, these are all amazing :D I love them!
  18. "Grumm just sees the world differently."