EMC Winter Games (Event)

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  1. Hello everyone! As you may have heard my time with you all is coming close to being two years! With that being said I promised something big if you kept close to my profile and here it is...The 1st EMC Winter Games. Here's how it works:
    You will type in the comments if you are participating, everyone is allowed to enter (deadline December 18th)

    I will use a randomizer to select the teams of 3. You and your team will be privately messaged detailing who you are with by December 20th.

    You will have 2 days to decide which team member will do the following:
    PVP Elimination Tournament: Players will be given items and weapons to fight with one other person in different arenas on Games until a top winner is declared. Players will receive a 1st-4th ranking

    Build Battle: Players will be given items and will build what is being asked and will have 20 minutes to do so. Afterwards, my co host and I as well as an undisclosed 3rd player will judge the builds and rank 1st-4th

    Christmas Trivia: Players will be given trivia and will have a points system placed for each player participating. Once again, winners are ranked 1st-4th.

    *NOTE! A player from each team is only allowed to do one of the top 3 rounds. A player cannot participate in more than one*

    After a 5 minute tally time the winners will be announced but don't leave yet! A DROP PARTY!! Featuring my several different heads collected from my different skins will be dropped as well as promos and other great items!

    Prizes will be announced soon for the top 3 teams!
    Event will be held on December 22nd

    Please tell your friends as I want this to have the biggest turn-up out of all of my previous events! This event gives fair chances to every team! So I would appreciate it if you would participate.
    Thank You and I hope to see you then!
  2. This looks like it'll be fun :)

    Not sure I'll be able to participate though.. :(
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  3. S'alright take all the time you need to decide and I hope to see you there if you can make it:D
  4. I'm in. Thanks for doing this!
  5. No Problem at all! I love doing stuff like this
  6. I might give this a shot so... Sign me up! ;)
  7. I'm on it!
  8. I would like to depending on what day and time it is
  9. We are looking for a December 22 date with a 6pm EMC time starting point, these are subject to change but as of right now this is what is being settled for
  10. im in (if eviltoade joins I'm with him)
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  11. Hopefully he will if I nag him enough. But I'm expecting a big turnout so due to me using a randomizer chances are slim but I wish you the best of luck
  12. Can I join? :D
  13. Of course!!:D:)
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  14. Awesome!!:)
  15. I AM SO DOING THIS (if irl doesn't get in the way...)

    *spear of justice fades in*
  16. Aww yeah Arkon joins to competition!!!
  17. Count me in!