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  1. I have created a Wiki to help out anyone who needs any help at all on Empire MC. I would like as many people as possible to try and help out with the Wiki.

    I'd eventually like to have a page for avaliable items, commands, shop commands, and pretty much anything to do with Empire MC.

    There's not much on the wiki right now. I will be making a custom design to go along with it. I'm really looking for good writers who can help me create pages.

    Here's the link to the Wiki:


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  2. A little question, can members make pages about themselves?
  3. sure, why not.
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  4. There has been a change of plan and now me and drogba921 have joined together to create a hosted wiki. It will be available at emcwiki.com when it's ready, but for now you should just get an error message.
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  5. Sweet, I can't wait :D
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  6. You should send a pm to Justin when you are designing your page, he will likely want to add some form or banner and disclaimer to it. :)
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  7. Not a problem, I always intended to.
  8. Alright all here's the details.

    JackBiggin and I have partnered up. We have a professional host with professional software. He and I will be running this wiki together once it's up.

    When it's fully operational and ready for some wiki edits, he and I will post a new thread with everything you need to know.

    We will also talk to justinguy :)
  9. Just a little change to this. Because of the way Mediawiki (the software the wiki will be using) works, anyone who signs up will have a page auto-created about them (called a userspace). These are the only place pages about users will be available to stop clutter.
  10. I look forward to the development of this wiki.
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  11. Thanks. BTW, do you have a magic way of always having green text or do you do it manually for every post?
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  12. Well its a MYSTERY why its GREEN
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  13. -I had Justin design and program a machine just for me that hooks up to my laptop. This machine is ten feet tall and reaches my kitchen ceiling. The diameter of this device is almost five feet. Now this device uses over 20,000 gigawatts to power, but no worries. I have a super nuclear fusion plant conveniently located in the backyard that produces over 50,000 gigawatts/minute.
    -So anyways the device attaches to my laptop with a cable approximately the size and width of a mature tapeworm. When ever I type, the data is broken down into the device in the form of zeros and ones. These numbers are then painted green by tiny blue trolls who have a serious attitude problem. The device then glues the numbers back together in the form of the letters as I type them. Sure I could just take a moment to manually turn my text green, but doing things "manually" is for chumps. Only the true cool kids use a machine that converts their white text into green text automatically.

    So that, my friend, is how my text turns green with every post.
  14. you just made my day.
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  15. Can you explain this a little bit? Say we sign up; then can we edit our own page? or what? Also, is this Wiki going to be editable by anyone, or by trusted users only?
  16. When you sign up a page about you is automatically created in a 'users area'. Only you can edit this page (if the thing works). I'm planning to have the wiki editable by everyone (although I get a log of everything changed) although at the start it will probably have to be select users only.
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  17. I like that idea. I've seen wiki's where it says something like this:
    PandasEatRamen is a regular user on SMP7 of the Empire. She likes to spend her time building, exploring and socializing. She will lend a helping hand.

    And it changed to stuff by trolls about adult situations and all that.
  18. Glad you like it. It seems to make sense that only you can edit your page.
  19. You should try to make sure when people sign up that their usernames match their EMC usernames. Otherwise, somebody malicious could sign up on your wiki using my username, e.g., and do a bunch of wiki-griefing in my name. Additionally, by their doing so, I wouldn't be able to register with the wiki using my name, so I'd be left not being able to use it.

    Good thing you moved away from Wikia. I never liked their Wiki-system. It's very hard to navigate and has nowhere near the feature-set of MediaWiki.
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  20. I'm going to try my best to implement a system like that, although it will probably link to Minecraft's database, not EMC's. If for some reason I can't get that to work (which is unlikely) then I'll send a PM to everyone who signs up to check that they're indeed that person. Until you reply to the PM then you wont be able to edit. Tedious, but it's the best second plan I can think of.