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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JackBiggin, May 12, 2012.

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  1. I think you just got Stickied :D
  2. It got sticked before anyone even posted xP
  3. :( i might not be able to help for the next month because i have terrible internet and can't use the computer much. Only my nook.
  4. That's really not a problem. We don't have a derelict policy. :)
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  5. So, are we still working on the creation station?
  6. Yes, sorry for not keeping you updated recently. I've been bogged down in a load of non-Minecraft stuff. I'm still doing stuff on it, it's just not visible. Expect a PM later explaining all! :)
  7. We just got stickied :D
  8. I just tried cleaning up a few pages, but you really need to sort out the organization of features. You should really get rid of that Empire_Guide_Mirror nonsense and just keep everything at the top level with categories.
  9. Thanks for your help! :) The Empire Guide Mirror is left on from when the site went down, I've forgotten to remove it. I'll sort it now.

    As for categories, I'm sorting that too.
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  10. It's been stickied since the 12th of May! :)
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  11. Really? Wow, I need to get on the forums more :p Even though I make 2 posts a day XD
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  12. So what needs to be done?
  13. I'll pull up a list of pages I'd love to see, give me a few mins :)
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  14. You got it ;)
  15. Pages that I personally would love to see (other's feel free to add to this):
    Locked Items - At the end of this page, please put {{Wild}}
    Every server's page - I'm seeing this as a place to put the IP, easter eggs, notable reses ect. - end the end of this page, please put {{Servers}}
    Chat Channels

    There's obviously a lot more, but these are just the first ones I can think of.

    EDIT: Last Light Outpost - along with any other wild communities.
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  16. Done but I forgot to put "{{Wild}}" at the end.

    EDIT: I added it ;)
  17. Fixed :)
    EDIT: You fixed it :p
    EDIT 2: Fixed formatting
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  18. Still figuring out the site ;) Also the help on editing link is broken ;)
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