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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JackBiggin, May 12, 2012.

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  1. Haha, I need to get a guide up.
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  2. Yes, yes you do. Also I did a little something for smp1 tell me how you like it ;)
  3. I like it! I've done a little clean up job and put the concise info into an infobox (that for some reason is appearing at the bottom, I'll fix that). If you (or anyone else) feels like making the other SMP's pages, look at SMP1's edit page to see how to do it. :)
  4. Ok I will work on the rest :p Also The Chat Channels page is done, I would suggest you change the title to "Chat". I would if I could but I can't :p
  5. Sounds good! I'll change the name and thanks so much for your help! :D
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  6. I got nothing better to do while this "video" is rendering ;)
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  7. You know most people on the EMC forums are very rude!!! Except the admins

  8. You clearly haven't been here for long, have you? A few kind members here are Me (lol), Twitch1 (he's an ex-moderator), & Jackbiggin.
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  9. I'll photoshop it in the morning. I'll get the face and add my own text :p
    Also, he's a new member, he obviously has no clue what people are like on the forums.
  10. Oh no, I think he got it just about right....
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  11. I think you will find that many people are nice on the forums, unless that has changed since I have gone if so then that was hard news for me to take in The forums was the best part of EMC!
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  12. Lolwut?
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  13. Whoever manages the website should change the background color, the colors are to dark and seems like a simpleton website. Constructive criticizm.
  14. The design was created by hewhomustnotbenamed and I am clueless at altering it. It's been designed around the EMC Website. However, eventually the design will be like EMC Guide's is, due to the Wiki updates that I am trying to find a way to do.
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  15. I'm glad his disagreeing with how the admins and mods work turned him into voldemort ;)
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  16. So dark and evil :'(
  17. It looks like the EMC theme, which is what it's intended to look like. Jack is also changing it soon.
  18. The wiki is currently offline. Access to the site will be bitty for the next week or so. It's very important that you don't try to edit anything, sign up or anything like that until I post that it's sorted. :)
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  19. What has happened?
  20. I'm preparing everything for the HUGE update I will be releasing in the very near future. :)
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