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  1. Random Competition:
    Here are 3 quotes from some Minecraft related YouTube channels. For each one guessed, the first person gets 100r! Where there is &&&& it means the person's name has been removed:
    • ♪ My footage of Skylands was lost. We knew it would be at a great cost, but.... We were like **** it, convert it to profit... ♪ - HatFilms
    • Hey guys, &&&& here! - AntVenom
    • You ballsed it up &&&& - Yogscast
  2. Yogscast for the last one!
  3. Correct! Sending payment now :)
  4. Oh and the second one
  5. is...
  6. woops yogscast :p
  7. Wrong :( He's a clue: no 2 of them are by the same person/people.
  8. Hints:
    #1 - Think adverts and a walrus
    #2 - Small bug with a big bite
  9. Two Awesome Gamers?
  10. Nope :)

    Another hint: The lyrics for #1 are googleable.
    If you want to go thru 100s of pages
  11. Gah, I can't bare it anymore! Another clue for the first one: Hat's on an adventure.
  12. Hatventures! (HaatFilms)
  13. Correct :) Sending your rupees now.
  14. I love how no one else tried :)
  15. There's still the second one left :p and I'm not giving away any more clues.
  16. #2 = AntVenom.

    Also, pertaining to the Empire Minecraft Wiki, if you'd like a lot of help with it from me, send a private message including your Skype username.
  17. Yep! :) Sending your rupees now!

    I don't have Skype :( since it seems to hate my laptop. If you still don't mind helping would you mind sending me a PM, just want to check. :D
  18. I am VERY happy to announce that our 2 most active users have been given the upload rank, allowing them to upload images onto the wiki. The following people were given this rank: xatharon and crickdawg! If you need any help with uploading images then feel free to PM me. :)

    If you feel worthy of a rank then you can apply at http://EMCwiki.com/Project:Rank_Application
  19. I've been promoted to being able to upload pictures. JackBiggin told me to say this.
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  20. *claps hands*

    Also 100th post in this thread!
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