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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JackBiggin, May 12, 2012.

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  1. Thanks, makes it a lot easier to keep track of when I promoted people when the Google doc dies. Woop, Green's right! :D
  2. Thank you.
  3. If you haven't done so already, here are some very useful links to contact us and stay in the know
    Hit us with a bird: @EMCwiki
    Hit us with a book: Click
    Hit us with a wall of text: Jack@EMCwiki.com
  4. I'm happy to show off what i made today for the wiki :D
    http://emcwiki.com/index.php?title=Main_Page&useskin=pixeled <---
    Shortly, everyone will see this as the default skin :)
    please report me any bugs or anything i must change ;)


    ALSO: yeah there is a bug i already found out, when you have HUGE screen resolutions (tested working till 1366 x 768 already) the design might fail
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  5. I'll be switching to design over to the beautiful new in about 2 hours, I just need to sort some stuff out I've found in the logs first. I'd just like to say a HHUUUUGGGEE thanks to copherfield for making the design :)
  6. The new design should have been rolled out to everyone. If it hasn't appeared for you try clearing your cache. If it still doesn't appear then please tell me!
  7. If anyone has any, I'd really appreciate it if you guys would post some really obvious questions about EMC. I'm getting sick of banning spambots so am setting up a somewhat unique way to prevent spam. I'll pick a few favourite questions and give the creator 100r :)
  8. How about:
    How many SMPs does EMC have?
    Where can you find the graveyard?
    How many commandments does EMC have?
    Who can use TNT?
    What is EMC's currency called?
    Do you love EMC?
    What does EMC stand for?
    What is the name of the supporter only server?

    If you chose any of them, keep the rupees for contest or something.
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  9. I'll use all of them. :) I need a pretty high amount of questions so that spambots can't have the answers put in them/ detect them. Thanks for letting me keep the rupees. :) I need about 50 questions so the offer is still open for everyone else. :)
  10. What do you type to go to the wild?
    Who is the icecream admin?
    What do you type to go to the nether?
    Where is the town spawn?
    How may outposts are there in the wild?
    What is commandment #1? #2? etc.
    How much is a iron supporter subscription?
    What color is an admin?
    What color are the mods?
    What color is redstone?
    What is the tallest tree?
    What animal lays eggs?
    What animal gives wool?
    What animal can you ride?
    How big is a res in SMP?
    How many rupees does a free member get daily?
    What color is obsidian?
    Who created Minecraft?
    What company owns mineraft?
    What do you get when smelt cobblestone?
    How many dirts can you stack in a inventory slot?
    How many spades can you stack in a inventory slot?

    No one seems to be answering your call, so I am giving a few more.
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  11. Xatharon, you are my hero! :D
  12. Sorry, completely forgot to give it to you :p It is just a temp one anyway and you know that. :p
  13. made commands page, and added all commands, just need some more good looking
  14. Missed out /goto and /mode :p Then again, they're staff only so who can blame you :) Thank you for the contribution!
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  15. I will look later today what i can add :)
  16. I support this.
  17. Blah what? You don't like the idea? Then say what you don't like and why. Or are you just trying to get your post count up by being a spammer?
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