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  1. Not mine but still a good tnt creation
  2. oops sorry
  3. It's fine, just delete your post's and continue on with your day! =)
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  4. Easy, world edit //sphere tnt 25
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  7. hey instad make a different forum for this so people aren't stealing ideas. mine is ready but I'm a little scared people will steal it.
  8. My Super Sized Tnt Entry

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  9. I'm gonna suck it up and post it anyway, I'm gonna edit it later to say what it is but for now just pics.

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  10. *reserved for entry*
  11. Alright if I PM the entry instead? :)
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  12. 2 Pictures Of My Creation

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  13. Sure Alex! =)
  14. Sweet, thanks :)
  15. My entry
    Made in EMC,Type /v thestar19 2 to get there :)
    Res Number: 5008

    Pics :)

    Awsome or what? :)
    I plan on making it around the whole res,And making the top similar to that of MC TNT :).
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