[ CONTEST ] Show us your TNT!

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  1. Hello all fellow EMCers! I will be presenting to you, the very first TNT Contest! :)

    Rules :

    1.) Your TNT creation must have something to deal with TNT, (TNT cannon, wool art, building of TNT, etc.,)

    2.) BE CREATIVE! ;)

    3.) Your creation must be created in SP or on EMC!

    4.) When you are completed with your TNT project, submit only 5 or less screenshots in this thread : http://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-tnt-contest-thread.17743/

    5.) The contest will end December 15th (34 days) at 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time!

    6.) Please don't forge your creation, take the time to build one yourself! :)

    7.) You may use texture packs and mods to add special effects to your design! NO PHOTOSHOP!

    Prizes :

    1ST Place will recieve - 19,500 Rupees + 1 Stack of Diamonds + Double Chest of Night Vision Potions (3:00)

    2ND Place will recieve - 17,000 Rupees + 1 Stack of Diamonds + Double Chest of Fire Resistance (3:00)

    3RD Place will recieve - 14,500 Rupees + 32 Diamonds

    4TH Place will recieve - 12,000 Rupees + 16 Diamonds

    5TH Place will recieve - 10,500 Rupees + 8 Diamonds

    Voting :

    Voting will take place on December the 16th once the contest is over. You, will be the voters, their will be a seperate voting thread for this contest only posted the day after the contest ends.

    You will choose the top ten, then I will choose the top five. :)

    Anyone can enter!

    Donate to add to the prize list! ;)

    Donators :
    Biscuitboy5396 - 7,500 Rupees
    BobTheTomato9798 - 20,000 Rupees
    Bitmonger20 - 20,000 Rupees
  2. Discrimination to people who can't place TNT! >:O!
  3. They are supposed to make it in SP.... =P
  4. Sounds like fun. Ill enter.
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  5. Can you send in stuff thats made in EMC?
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  6. Sure! I will add that to the op! :)
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  7. Are you going to choose judges for this?
  8. Well, after everyone submit's their creations, I will make a seperate thread for voting, everyone get's to vote, after they have voted, the top ten with the most votes go to the next round, then I choose the top five. =)
  9. That's a very nice contest you have there... It would be a shame if I couldn't think of something to enter with :p
  10. Making it on EMC will have more worth than in some Creative SP.. as you spent $ imo.
  11. Front page already and not even a page of comments, good job :)
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  12. Sounds Awesome Time to Get some TNT! :)
  13. Now to watch countless amounts of Redstone videos learning the path of redstone in order to make a tnt cannon...
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  14. i have an idea... are mods allowed?
  15. Haha, I have made a really fast firing cannon, that fires 5 tnt in 4 seconds. Lags the crap out of my game though and I won't be able to record with it like that. I guess i'll have to water it down a little :(
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  16. Can u use Chunky to do renderings instead of screenshots?
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  17. Sounds awesome!! I'm in! (Just have to keep flint and steel out of my hotbar to avoid accidents :p)
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  18. Well you can't enter.
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