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  1. Well, it's that time of year again everyone. So here's how things will work this round...this is the official EMC time capsule and is not affiliated with any other time capsules.

    Location of capsule: /v Empire_Park@time on smp2
    this shortcut will go away once it closes

    Time Capsule 2015 Opening Party: Dec 30th at 9 pm EMC time
    Some prizes might find their way into the hands of participants *hint hint*
    Location: /park on smp2
    Time Capsule 2016 Closes: Jan 1st at 11:59 pm EMC time
    Each player that has a chest will have just over 48 hours to move their items into place. Dec 30th at 11 pm to the deadline above.
    If you are unable to be online at all during this time and want to participate, please message Krysyy.

    Q&A Section:
    What do I do if I have a time capsule from 2015 that I want to pick up, but I cannot be there for the opening?
    • Message Krysyy and she will pull the items from the chest and set them aside for pickup at a later date.
    What do I do if I have a time capsule from 2015 that I want to combine with more items for a 2016 time capsule?
    • No problem. Bring your new items to add and you can re-use the same chest. Pm Krysyy if you cannot be present.
    What do I do if I didn't participate in the time capsule from 2015 and I want to participate this year?
    • If you want a chest of your own at the time capsule, then message Krysyy.
    • Bring some items, books, or anything really that you want to lock away for a year. Last year, we had a lot of players store promo items from the past in their chests along with books about how things were on the server, their friends, etc. All of these are really great ideas to get you started. .
    • Anything that you put in will be locked until the end of 2016, so choose wisely.
    How many chests do we get?
    • Each player gets one single chest, if requested. A double chest can be provided if the need arises.
    Any other questions?
    • Ask in the comments.
  2. Awesome! I might have to put something in this year :p
  3. I need to participate this year, going to put promos in. :)
  4. I don't understand the point of this. Why would I put something in a chest to not access it until next year? and If I go but didn't put something in last year do I still get stuff?
  5. Do I have one?
  6. Time capsules are placed with the intention that they will be opened or accessed at a future date. In EMC, people use them to keep tabs on the progress of their position on the server. For example, what was valuable, what they liked most, etc to see how things change over the course of a year.
  7. Not from 2015
  8. The point, as Krysyy said, is to 'document' your current position on the server. I know that last year, I loved opening my capsule and seeing the book that I wrote the year before detailing my friends and the things that I liked to do.

    If you attend the capsule opening for the people that stored a capsule in 2014 but you didn't put anything in your capsule in 2014, then no you will not get anything. The capsule opening is for people that put items in their capsule the year before to reflect on how far they've come as well as to see themselves the year before. It's not a giveaway.
  9. Oh how Jolly good this is, I am definitely coming to the opening party, I may be trying to get those prizes :p Well thanks for doing this and I will try my best to collect as much things to store.
  10. Well See You Next Year Promo :p
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  11. Thanks for the info, good to know. maybe I'll participate in the new year.
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  12. I wish I could attend but I'd be keeping the little one up with me to do it, and that's no Bueno. (The joys of having a very small house with computers in the bedroom)
    So I'll ask a favor of my fellow players to post screen shots of the event here pretty please? *^_^*

    I've always loved the idea of time capsules, so I will messaging Krysyy once I have a chest put together. Thanks for this event!
  13. Welp, time to pool all my promos into this. :p
  14. Haven't done this before, I might just do one this time!
  15. Nice hopefully I can make it :)
  16. Nice, but, I don't think I can come :(
  17. Cool! Hopefully I can show up.
  18. I don't get it, sorry I was only new this year. :p (2015)
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