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  1. well I only downloaded TS yesterday, I really like the program, but since there is no official EMC channel, I resorted to searching for public channels.. I found one that I plan on refering to my friends so we can chat in game, id be more then happy to tell u guys which one we will be using but keep in mind, as it is not an EMC channel, emc rules do not govern there, so the nature of the language used in the chat will be adult in nature, cursing will be heard occasionally.

    I discovered that since I am out so far in the wilderness there is a chat bug that allows u to hear and commmunicate with players who are close to the main wild spawn via Local chat. I asked justinguy why I could hear local chat from near spawn players when I was so far out, and he explained that it is a chat bug. Unfortunately for me and the other 2 players that are with me in the wild, we cannot use local chat and remain isolated from other players near spawn who may intend to grief or wild outpost.... and it is a pain to pvt convo back and forth between 3 ppl, so needed another option.. the teamspeak VoIP was a viable solution.
  2. Sounds like a job for emc staff imo
  3. you guys are lucky i like you -_-... i brought the server back up
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  4. Makes me want to get a headset!
  5. My sony 7.1 for my ps3 work wonderfully... plug'n'play, surround sound, and mic too! :)
  6. like like like :)
  7. Finally got the ip lol, gonna jump on tonight. Hope I see some people
  8. I didn't know about this! I was wondering if we had a Vent or TS community. :p I shall now lurk here foreverz.
  9. Oh noez! Another person who uses it apart from me! *Panic*
  10. I'm suprised at how empty it is... :eek:
  11. i use it to josh --__-- you should know that by now!
  12. im trying to host one but idk if people can join.

    so if anyone wants to try the ip, thank you :

    /edit having problems, somehow i cant get my IP and port open -.-
  13. It's back up, if anyone was waiting. Hehe
  14. max, we (joshposh70 and i) we're on with you and u havent said a word :rolleyes:
  15. Josh and I both heard her... You must be deaf. =D
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  16. Well I think it looks pretty cool I just got it :D
  17. no after you left i was on another 45 min and she said a grand total of like 6 words :D