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  1. Ever since I came to EMC I've been experiencing bugs relating to difficulty and special EMC Mob drops. Previously, all EMC mobs would lower their chance of giving me drops and/or resist damage from my attacks because "the monster is having trouble reaching me." This would happen even if the monster was right in front of me on level ground and always if I used a bow across any distance. The only way to get drops/do any damage was to let them attack me sometimes. I have some screenshots of that. This happened on difficulties: 1, 5, 6, 7, and 10.

    Now instead of that, no text is appearing at all. The monsters are taking regular damage, but I am not getting any tokens and they are not dropping any items. I've killed a handful of them with the same effect today. This is mostly on difficulty 5, but also checked on difficulty 1. I've had trouble with Enraged Skeletons, Enraged Zombies, and Marlix.
  2. I havent seen anything posted about this.
    I still never get tokens from killing enraged mobs on difficulties 1 and 5. It's pretty consistently no tokens now.
  3. Difficulty one does not give any of the custom drops, 5 should give a small amount since its like normal difficulty...
  4. I said tokens anyway, which I at least used to get on difficulty 1-10, but I have also had my chances for special drops reduced in the past.
    On both difficulties (and higher ones in the past) it literally says nothing when I kill an enraged mob.
  5. Were you using Fire Aspect swords or flame bows? Those are pretty buggy with the custom mobs and may reduce your token gain to 0.
  6. I had not thought of that.
    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Right before I posted it was with a bow without flame. However, I most often use flame/fire aspect, but I use damage indicators, and the killing blow definitely comes from the weapon (rather than the fire), at least sometimes.
    It's been dozens of these monsters giving me nothing, that's why I started playing on difficulty 1 in the first place.
    I will do my best to test all variables, but I can't always deliberately meet these guys. I'm going to go hunting on different difficulties in a minute with an enderchest full of different weapons.
  7. Killing blow doesn't matter, what really matters is where the most damage came from. So if most of the damage came from fall damage or fire aspect, you will not get the rewards
  8. Well then it isn't that. If I do use fire/flame it is with sharpness V or power V always, and I hit them several times. It does happen without fire, too, but I have not tested that much on difficulty 5 I don't think. I'm not sure if it should matter for tokens.
    I've actually received tokens from monsters that had 1 heart left as a result of fall damage before, but not since this stuff started.
    Edit: Probably related, I have not seen the message that a monster is having trouble getting to me lately, either, even when the monster is indeed having trouble getting to me. That used to come up way too often.
  9. Just wondering, do you have token notifications "on" is player settings?

    Is it that you're getting no tokens, or no notification?
  10. The player setting is on, but that's still a good question. I will do /r before and after I kill another one.
  11. Yeah I just killed a baby enraged zombie (which I didn't know existed) with a fire-free sword and it took no other damage and nothing happened. No tokens, no notifications, no messages about not being able to reach me (though it could reach me unfortunately). It was difficulty 1. Switching to 5 and relogging to find and kill another, but I'm sure it will be the same.
  12. Nothing on difficulty 5, either, not even shiny flesh.
    Edit: On a 2nd attempt, I got the "extra rewards chance reduced," message, but not any of the other times.
  13. I think I've tested enough to determine that it is, in fact, a bug.
    Can anything be done?
  14. PM Aikar and the dev team, they'll be able to help you from here
  15. I don't know how fast you are switching difficulty, but it may play a role in what you are experiencing.
    Keep in mind that you cannot run around difficulty 1, encounter an enraged (or a boss), change the difficulty to 5, and get the tokens/drops for a level 5 kill (or whatever 'new' level you set it at).
    You must to wait some time for the difficulty level to adjust. (For some reason 5 minutes sticks out in my mind)
    So, my question is, are you changing difficulty on the 'fly', or did you set your difficulty at one place, and keep it there for, say, 5-10 minutes?

    Personally, I keep my difficulty at 5, because its what I am used to. I play sometimes on 6 or 7, but thats when I feel like some harder mob killing (and have some expendable armor)!

    The only thing I have myself experienced, is one time when trying to kill an enraged zombie in water, it seemed that my hits did not affect it. Usually I kill in 4-5 hits, but I hit it about 6 or 7 times in the water, then got out of the water, hit it another 5 times, and killed it, got zero tokens, and no text indicating I killed it.
  16. As I said I switched difficulties, relogged, then hunted the mob (which took at least 15 minutes). Also, am I supposed to receive 0 tokens on difficulty 1 anyway? Isn't it just the items that are affected?
    I have PMed Aikar and the dev team, but with no response and no change for weeks. I will try again....
  17. Difficulty 5 , voters armor and sword, in water, full tokens range ;)

    deep in wild, in super secret base with super secret enraged mob trap.
    It usually takes 30-60 seconds for all kills :D
    (no hacks, cheats, etc, full legit french vanilla :p )
  18. um...congrats?
  19. If u go ingame, we can try in group if u like. We will see if tokens are shared for example. I play at SMP9 but it can be anywheree u like
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  20. Sure. Thanks. I won't be on for a few hours, but I'll try to find you later.