EMC Skype group

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Will you participate?

Yes!!! 21 vote(s) 46.7%
NO 5 vote(s) 11.1%
Maybe... 19 vote(s) 42.2%
  1. Please add me! Im cba to normally: nfell2009
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  2. added you
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  3. Looks pretty fun! I'll add mine as soon as I create another account as my current skype has my real name.
  4. i use my real name for everything now. what harm can that do? :p
  5. You wouldn't believe how much people can get from a google search ;)
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  6. I only use my real address and phone number for them surveys etc What harm can happen? :D
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  7. Please, add me, my computer lags so bad every time I try to add a contact :( santi.chasca
  8. Oh, and I forgot to say: No videochat. Obviously :p
  9. Why? :p

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  10. Ok! My username is prothegangster
    I can't skype atm though, I'm supposed to be doing a writing assignment, but I had no inspiration so I came on here xD
  11. Nice idea, I already chat with some EMC people, it will be nice to talk to more people :D
    Add me: matheus.llave
  12. I'm too shy... :p
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  13. Guys, add me, seriously, my computer lags too much.
  14. Requested contact, waiting for you to accept.
  15. Sure :)
  16. Well, even if you weren't, we would have to have someone with Skype Premium to Video Chat in group, cause that's a premium feature :p
    But if anyone has it, I don't really see a problem with video chat.
    Even though I think it is not necessary, but whatever.
  17. I remember buying skype premium.. hold on a sec, i'll go get it again.
  18. Nah, video chat is for really close friends.
  19. j.r.smithe
    I'll add people as I can.
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  20. Meh. I can't buy it anyway. I'll go try and get this old trial I used to have.