EMC Skype group

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Will you participate?

Yes!!! 21 vote(s) 46.7%
NO 5 vote(s) 11.1%
Maybe... 19 vote(s) 42.2%
  1. Tom and I have decided to create an EMC Skype group where we can talk about anything and chat :) If you wish to join, reply to this thread!

    1. Seeing what happened with rob, NO SENDING FILES. If you receive a file, cancel it inmediately.
    2. Be polite: No need to explain.
    3. No videochat
  2. Add me or post your names here: santi.chasca :)
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  3. My Skype name :) 'tomvanwijnen'
  4. Added!
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  5. I'm not really active on skype, but meh.
  6. Im not really active either but my skype name is makrom1000
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  7. Add me! nfell2009
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  8. better add me, I don't know how to add people :(
  9. Will add you guys when home.
  10. Or I'll add you :p
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  11. I guess you know my name haha
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  12. Haha done :cool:
  13. My Skype name is bugmo1207. xD (If anybody wants to add meh.) Although I am shy (as most turtles are), I will voice chat. So it might take me some time to actually talk like I would normally. But...be warned; I don't video chat.
  14. Faretheadpk, I'm on skype whenever I'm on my computer.
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  15. Meh parents won't let meh have a skype :/.:mad:
  16. i added all of you guys... Im Cchiarell6914 :p
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  17. I aded you guys too.. Im cchiarell6914
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  18. yankees518111
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  19. added you xD
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  20. dylan_frenette is mah skype :p
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