EMC Rules and/or polite protocol Wasteland question

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  1. I know about the rules against breaking/destroying anything built by someone on any server, but since the Wasteland is supposed to be for mining, can you label an area as your "Private Mine" ? I recently saw a sign that said this and was wondering about it.

    Please do me a favor when you answer and label which part of your post is actual EMC [Rules] or [Protocol(Commonly accepted/expected Community Politeness)] or if it is just your opinion.

    Thanks! :)
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  2. You can mark it private mine, yes, and a common rule is indeed to always respect other player builds. Griefing is not accepted anywhere on the Empire. However, land claiming isn't a thing on the Empire (yet) and so the same goes for the Wasteland. Heck; land claiming will only become a thing in the Frontier. So you can mark something as such, but that doesn't officially make it yours.

    The only rule which more or less "protects" such an area is that same anti-griefing rule. If someone added a door then taking that door down is obviously a no no. But to enter such an area (or not) is indeed a simple case of courtesy. Of course: with entering I'm only referring to entering to go somewhere down below. Taking things from chests or other container objects (furnaces, brewing stands, etc.) will also fall under griefing (stealing) and is also not allowed.

    Of course there are caveats here. If you make a mine like I usually do (one large staircase downwards) and someone is mining in the area and digging a tunnel which ends up crossing your mine then yah... That's more or less a grey area, because as you mentioned yourself: the wastelands is for mining afterall.

    Hope this clears things up a bit.
  3. Yea, sorry if I wasn't very clear, but if you are in an underground area marked/built up as a "Community Mine" and someone builds a tunnel off of it basically saying "Stay Out" is it considered Griefing/Stealing if you go into that area to mine anything in there? And my question only concerns the Wastelands.

    For one thing, I don't see any easy way to mark an area off, especially if someone is coming from another direction from your sign. Especially since the Wastelands is supposed to be for mining.
  4. I doubt it'd be considered griefing/stealing. I'd stay away from mining any obvious ores though. But anything that you'd have to mine through stone/dirt/whatnot to get to is probably fair game. It's probably just a common courtesy to not mine in there, but it's (at least in my book), not against the rules as it's the wastelands. Nothing's "protected". This doesn't mean tampering with the way their mine is set up though.
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  5. It would be a matter of courtesy and wouldn't be considered griefing. See my example above: what happens if you start mining from another location and 'bumped' into this one accidentally? And then there's the other thing to consider: a community mine is basically just that: meant for all of the community to use. So it seems weird to try and "claim" a section of your own.

    Even so... My advice would still be not to go look for possible trouble and simply respect the wishes of the person who added the sign. The wastelands are huge and there's plenty of ore for everyone to gather.
  6. Yea, what I figured, just seemed strange that someone would block off a section of what seemed to me to be a "Community Mine."