EMC Redstone Contest Winter 2013!

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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft.
    Today I have a contest for everyone and you all can win neat prizes.
    It is the Redstone contest. (Winter 2013)

    • First and Foremost- your creation MUST be built here on EMC.
      • Additionally it must be located in Town unless there is some aspect of it which requires it to be located elsewhere.
    • In addition to being built on EMC; it also has to work on EMC.
    • It should utilize AT LEAST one of the new Redstone features brought to us by Mojang.
    • Finally, all entries can only be entered ONCE by a single person
    It has to be an Original and Creative build. A automatic chicken farm is great, but if you really want to WIN. This has to be an Original build. Such as something like a cool minigame. Or a slot machine of some sorts.

    There will be 3 Winners, I will pick them on January 15, 2014
    So you all have a while to do your build. So you can be creative :)


    Please PM me your entry. If it is late, I am sorry but it won't count. So thats why there is a lot of time for you to do your wonderful redstone Project!

    And now, PRIZES!!

    First place: 25,000 rupees And a Turkey Slicer

    Second Place: 15,000 rupees
    Third Place: 10,000 rupees.

    If you wish to donate, please donate items to 3660 on Smp2.
    Rupee donations will help the most, and will be added to the prizes, so will items. But Rupees work best :)

    So what are you waiting for, get your redstone ON!

    Have fun!

    Cube45 - 20k
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  2. YES I l<3ve redstone competitions. although I wont be entering, here is 20k for the prizes.
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  3. Wow Thank you for the huge donation :D
    Prizes are going up a lot now!
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  4. I have added a Turkey Slicer to the 1st Prize :)
  5. Great idea! But I'm not the best at redstone. :(
  6. Ends on January the 15th 2013? Do you mean 2014?
  7. Yeah whoops. :p My bad
  8. Imma make the best lever activating a piston that has ever been made
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  9. just emc friendly and original? do i have to pick 1?
  10. What? It has to be on EMC. It can be what ever you want. But it has to work on EMC
  11. Can we pick something we already built? or do we have to start an all new one between now and january 15?
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  12. Minecarts can't be broken by anybody. Might want to edit that part out.
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  13. Yes. You have to make something new. There has been more of these Redstone contests and I dont want people using their old builds. It wont be fair.
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  14. Going to add more money soon. :D bigger prizes so get started
  15. Thank you vividOptomisim for a donation of 1,700 rupees!
  16. Sounds cool dude I will have to get my redstone head on... which contraption to use...
  17. If no one if going to do this I might have to end it :(
  18. *Looks at Darkangledav's massive redstone sugarcane towers*
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  19. I might stop this contest and I have a better idea for one in my head.