EMC record? Most beacons in one place!

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  1. Do we have a record here? I sure hope so! :)

  2. just checked it out... nice touch! :)
  3. One structure / place, that's not the case. One residence I believe you are right.

    The blue ribbon hotel has 8 lighted up but its on 4 lots.

    Still, I really like the layout of the beacons in yours.

  4. i think i saw near spawn at smp1, a res with tons of beacons :/, i think it was eclipsis res`s
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  5. 104 on smp1 :)
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  6. Eclipsys has more. Go to his res next to the spawn of smp1 to see...

    EDIT: He has 10 currently, but looking like there's gonna be more.
  7. yup :p
    yup :p
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  8. You guys are all correct! I'm looking to buy 2 more beacons! 50k for 2
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  9. Conclusion: Alex loves beacons :D
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  10. Rectification: Eclipsys Loves beacons! I will soon have double his amount of beacons :D
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  11. For all of you who can afford beacons....
  12. You just make me laugh. i have over 9001 beacons in my sp map :D 2012-11-14_18.16.31.png
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  13. Which easily could have been creative?
  14. O rly? it was a joke man :D
  15. 42980.jpg
  16. Hahaha, well done Eclips :p
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  17. I'm so glad I have a res next to eclipsy's smp1 res next to spawn. :)