EMC promo video

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  1. First, and I love it! Make sure you credit the music in the description though.
  2. Yes yes will do
  3. GIANT thanks to shaunwhite1982 for spawning all tho's custom mobs and helping me shoot the video from awesome points!!!
  4. I suggest going to a less laggy shop and putting the feature before the video clip :)
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  5. going to change some parts there and here about the video and sence i see that people like it i will make the full 4min one :D
  6. not too shabby
    but the mining at the beginning went a little too slow for my taste.
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  7. Please wait 6 hours before you bump a non-auction thread :)
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  8. K
  9. Any feedback?
  10. Looking good so far
    The timing for the guy turning around and getting blown up by the creeper is perfect xD
    But like others have said, the start seems too slow for me and the shop part is very laggy
  11. Ok so I will cut the start a bit and get a different shop (sorry Todd lol)
  12. Not too shabby but can be a lot better. Some of the others have echoed my thoughts, but here they are in their entirety:
    • As others have said, starts off too slow with the mining. I sense you're trying to time it to the music so that the 'action' bits kick in when the rock does. Consider adding a third "Tired of" to help pad that out, rather than stretching the mining bit too long.
    • "Empire Minecraft" logo: either eliminate the white background and use a PNG with transparency, or make the rest of the background white to match. Either way, solid image with black letterbox border is a bad thing and needs fixing.
      • Personally I'm not a fan of the current zoom effect at all, both because I find it somewhat dull and because it starts at maximum size and expands beyond the frame. I'd suggest going the PNG-route with full transparency, cutting the "Empire" and "Minecraft" in half, and bringing them from the top & bottom to meet in the middle, with a kind of slamming crunch. (Sample sound effect @ 0:09 to give you an idea)
    • Custom Item segment: Worst possible way to do that. The tooltips are too small on an ordinary screen to read properly, mousing over them is dull to look at, and if anyone wants to stop and study an item they'd have to pause the video. Instead, consider the method shown in the current promo video. Have the tooltip on screen (cut from a screenshot works well), while demonstrating the uses of some of those unique items.
    • Text intros should come before the video segment - ie, "Custom Mobs" then Marlix & Momentus. If you can, a shot of an enraged creeper blasting itself into the sky is kinda neat to see (they do this when detonating in water)
      • Corollary, the text screens are kinda... bland. There are a lot of things you can do with text to make it more interesting.
    • Lag shop has to go, obviously. Not only is it bad to look at from a video standpoint, but you never want to try and promote a server while featuring lag. People will look at it and think "who wants to play on a laggy server?"
      • Shop corollary: instead of just advertising "a shop," consider emphasizing an economy. To borrow a suggestion from my critique of ICC's video, have a number of people bustling about, buying and selling. Three or four people in a shop / market area would more effectively convey the message.
    Looking forward to seeing what you can come up with :)
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  13. It looks nice, nice choice of music. :D
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  14. i can use some help on the jumping part if any of you guys want to help please pm me!
  15. I actually liked the mining part :rolleyes: It is a bit weird that you can see your chat in the jumping part though. Like, you saying that they need to jump should not be in the video :p
  16. Nice work nice to see someone prompt the empire!!