EMC pokimon GO

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  1. random thought I had while on EMC today. Joking of corse.
  2. Imagen all the griefing that could cause. HAHA ga to catch them all
  3. Gotta catch those pokimon!!! Lol Sounds like a weird sushi name.
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  4. I don't like sushi, can it be a type of kebab instead? Thanks.

    My reaction was mostly the same, however mine involved this face ":confused:"
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  5. You mean the Pixelmon mod?
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  6. We may never know.
  7. Um, what was the thought you were having? Was it simply "EMC pokimon GO" of could you elaborate? :p
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  8. Yeah, like I'm walking through the wilderness and I get lost so I'm like lets do /map. Just as I thought to do so Chin appears and says not today young Ancient one. For today is the day I break the map. I was like How am I going to find my way home. Aikar then appears and says nothing just stares at me and Chin. Well I replied how am I going to find my way home. He said nothing again but I could hear something. I was no surrounded my Hell Hounds in the overworld. I said Aikar why? He finally spoke and said, I found your way home.

    That's why you gotta catch em all. To be all powerful like Aikar.