EMC Plays Super Hostile

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by JackBiggin, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. Coming in a few weeks.

    No, you can't have details.

    Expect madness.

  2. This is madness!
    No, this is the Empire!
  3. April fools 2014. Staff tell us we are on a New game mode. I think I guessed it :p

  4. Orly?
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  5. Like Twitch Plays Pokemon?
    But much harder?
  6. Challenge accepted.
  7. Nice teaser!
  8. This probably also means that player settings are coming too... :p
  9. Will all servers be replicated for two weeks and replaced by ultra hard servers with hax creeperz that blow up huge craters, and blow up 10 blocks from you, so it's hard to hit them? will we have to stick to the 3-iron block 2-diamond block thick bunkers we have created to survive the apocalypse? Will rules be disabled, and PVP enable, to a complete EMC anarchy? Yuz plox. :3
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  10. Staff abuse D:
    You Modded Hamster
  11. DSC00053 - Copy (2).JPG

    I see it already.
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  12. You spelled "everyone gon' die" wrong ;)
  13. Testing server - everyone's modded on it for testing. =P
  14. dystopia :O?
  15. Oooo....
  16. Is this a Let's Play? Or are you introducing a new server?
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  18. It will be an event. If it works, we can do it with other similar stuff.

    The setup also allows me to do stuff like host actual minigames (eg: The Walls) and stuff if planned well in advance. Like, big ones.
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