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What's a good price for an EMC newspaper

1-15 rupees 13 vote(s) 32.5%
15-20 rupees 13 vote(s) 32.5%
20+ rupees 21 vote(s) 52.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. great idea!
    i could do smp7 for you,
    btw you should put in a advertisment section (first come first serve with 10 slots 100r each or something)
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  2. Lso please spell my name corecctly ;)
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  3. I am liking the list so far. I will have approved vendors, I will make a list of them as I talk with ppl
    currently alexhallon is the only one I've set something up with so far. I will talk to others. (also i don't think there should be one sold on utopia, there just aren't many ppl who will buy them for there)
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  4. my bad :S im tired xD
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  5. Updated my list :D
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  6. Ok so i agree with the utopia bit, and thanks for liking my list :D

    But i think you should have vendors not doing all 9 severs by yourself
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  7. yes, i know, and i will, but i have to meet with them first to make sure that they have a way to sell them.
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  8. It was my idea D:
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  9. I do! :D I own SMP4 Bookshop, nothing i can do with it so I would love to let you
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  10. to get the newspaper started i still need people to sell me book and quill supplies and i need people to submit articles, if your article gets chosen then you will get 100r
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  11. i can get leather for you
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  12. ok, whats the price?
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  13. I like it. (and all the posts on the thread as well)
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  14. When I tried to do 20 copies of the Empire Guide it was painful.
    Well the Empire Guide was 50 pages and took around 5 minutes with a clipboard program.
    But after a While your fingers feel like they are going to fall off.
    I would be very impressed if you managed to pull this off.
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  15. a low one ;)
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  16. Good idea, this is kinda like a written version of Empire Weekly. Can you add a Empire Interview to each number of the "diary"?
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  17. Production would be redicoulosly hard, now that Bookz has been denied.
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  18. The Diary - A EMC Newspaper

    The newspaper consists of articles across the whole of EMC, server-to-server and even every server updates!

    The Diary also has user content and hopes to feature likes of Empire Weekly Interviews and things such as new res', advertisements and even sponsorship's

    The newspaper is sold across all server ranging from witch res is selling it.

    For more information just contact rock00888 via PM or in game

    Thank you
    ~ nfell2009 ~
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  19. what :O why was it denied??
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  20. It had a forgery mode. I used it myself, to print the books in the name of those who sold me publishing rights. But, it was, abusable...
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