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What's a good price for an EMC newspaper

1-15 rupees 13 vote(s) 32.5%
15-20 rupees 13 vote(s) 32.5%
20+ rupees 21 vote(s) 52.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Recently, I have been working on my idea of an EMC newspaper. The newspaper would be a weekly summary of whats new with EMC (8-10 pages), and could be bought in game for a price of 20-35 rupees. I can't say for sure when I will release the first issue (the first issue will be a test to see if it works), but it will be released through a chest shop. In order to make this successful I will need people who can supply me with a steady supply of book and quills, books, feathers, and ink sacs. If you are interested in supplying and of these please contact me in game, of start a conversation with me on the forums.
    Also in order to make my newspaper successful I would like it if people submitted articles to me that I could put in my newspaper. I will pay anyone who writes an article, submits it, and the article is accepted 100r. Questions, suggestions, comments? P.M. me on the forums!
  2. Good idea, but it had to be sold on every server.
    Vaulting Written Books will make them blank.
    Also, If you decide to sell them on every server, I can do it for SMP3 soon. :)
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  3. Awesome idea, do this!
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  4. great idea!
    -just will take a dedicated group of people typing and/or copying-&-pasting these books.
  5. I lime the idea of this its just that I think that it would work better if you did it on the forums. The reason behind this is that you are not able to transfer written books through the /vault system and would be able to be posted more efficiently. But the downside is that you are unable to charge people, but you could ask for donations.
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  6. I'm your man for SMP1!
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  7. :p
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  8. Thanks for all the comments! i have to start it out for smp6 (its my home) but if i can find a place to sell them on other servers, i can transfer the book and quills through the vault then write the books. Also the reason i wouldn't do it on the forums, is because most people who check the forums out allot, are also well informed on emc news.
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  9. Sign me up for SMP3, once I got my library done!
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  10. Really good idea!
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  11. Not just vaulting books wipes them, selling them through chestshop also does, so they're going to be a bit tricky to sell :/
  12. really? chest shop selling them does? then i might have to sell them by hand instead, and hire like 2 or 3 ppl per server to help with that.
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  13. Yeah, something to do with Bukkit not having a book API. It's a pain, but good luck with selling them by hand until it's (hopefully) fixed. :)
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  14. I already thought of a system for my SMP3 Library.
    Let me be your SMP3 guy, I'll sell it at SMP3 :)
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  15. I will help! I can do SMP4 and even make the first copy :D
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  16. I can do SMP1, as long as we have a master copy.
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  17. Sounds good, but to suggest a way to do it would be it to hire one person per server to be the writers of the paper.
    Every week, you will you then PM them what the paper will include, they will then write it up and sell it by hand.
    *cough*I'm on smp5*cough*
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  18. List of people that have applied for each server to sell it on.

    SMP1: Biscuitboy5396 and fluffinator09
    SMP3: AlexHallon
    SMP4: nfell2009
    SMP5: RainbowChin
    SMP6: rock00888 (He is accepted because its his idea xD)
    SMP7: o0_Jetfire_0o

    This list is to be updated
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  19. Actually I am thinking that if i just transfer the unwritten books, then i can write them on that server, then i will publish them and and them out to the people that will sell them for me, and they pay like 10r less than the paper is sold for per copy then they turn around and sell it for a profit. does that sound good? (also i neeeeeed articles, if i dont get any submissions, the first issue wont get off the ground. They don't need to fit any big requirements, they just need to be on something minecraft related.)
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  20. Good idea with the List, but I think Rock should do it instead...
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