EMC museum featuring contribs?

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  1. I love the Empire, I really love this server :)

    I'm all in for going that extra mileage to attend an official event (even when it ended me in offering Krysyy a chest (making a fool of myself) considering she's an admin with creative). Also: for me events aren't about profit but having fun. I really love EMC and what it stands for.

    I also love the community. But my problem is that I don't share heads. Then we get to musea. So far there has been one museum I would have donated my head to easily, but they didn't include us contribs.

    So now I am trying another way...

    Do you have a museum which features contribs? Why do you feel you deserve to have my head? Share!

    I will draw a winner who can win my head.

    • I will make a selection of at least two. If I can't all will be included.
    • There are rules applied to this!
      • My head is to be used for display, not personal gain!
      • Be honest!
        • "I'm starting a museum, cant display yet but would really love to have your head" => Possible winner!
        • "I have the perfect place right here! => chest". I visit 1 month later and find my head in a chest 10 storied down. And blog ever negative about it :confused:
      • You need to own said museum!
    • I may (or may not) blog about what happened to my head. For good or bad!
    The topic is confusing, no one would see this?!!
    Isn't it amazing? ;)
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  2. I don't display any staff heads at my gallery just because of the fact people make you pay for them (usually way overpriced too), and I don't see why the staff heads should be worth more than regular players' heads. We all make up the community. I would, however, display them if they were donated.
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  3. I have a Museum that is currently in the Building stage, and spans across 6 reses in-front of smp6 spawn. Although mine is not finish, and wont be for a while (Due to the Size and Complexity, and Lack of time from School and Work), I would how ever like to try my luck and enter to win your head.

    How might you head Gain?

    I am trying to gain all the heads from Staff, to Retired staff, including Team Members and Retired Team members. I even have Teams that used to exist as EMC should get to know the players that made EMC today as we know it. My hopes in encouraging others to see the players that shaped EMC and maybe even getting them to join in on the fun, and learn something new as well.

    Do I own said Museum?

    Yes, I own the museum fully, I am not in any partnership with any others, and the entire build is funded by me and players who have donated to support the project. I own all 6 reses (2 reses on finch_rocks_1 and 4 reses on finch_rocks_2 "All Perm Protected). " I Spare No Expense, As I dont care if I make money. As long as players learn new things and are happy, then I am happy. :) "

    I Also Aim to provide players with a background knowledge of the team players, from when they joined EMC to when they became a Team Member, and even wither it is Current or when they retired from the Team.

    How May I obtain other team members that dont give their heads out? Or if they no longer play EMC?

    I will be having a Stand for all members as none should be left out... If I am unable to obtain their head, I will have a Replica of their head (Under My Alt or a Friends Alt) to still represent them in the museum, and maybe if they still play, they might change their mind.

    Not sure if this is too short or too long, but just let me know. I am also running on very low sleep as I have been so busy at work the past few days.

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  4. I display staff/team heads as well as regular heads at 18200 Museum. As kap said above, we all make up the community, which is why I display them all.

    I know staff heads can cost a lot, but they always have cost more than regular player heads (well, in most cases). But, it depends who it is. A more well-known member will have more demand for their head, for example, and when someone becomes staff, their head becomes even more in demand. It's just the way it is, whether we like it or not.

    I personally put my head up for sale recently in my summer sale. I have priced it very high, for the main reason that I want people to cherish having it, rather than throwing them out to everyone. I don't have time to get my head all the time anyway, so I can't meet the supply even if I did try to cater for all the demand... in any case, even if I wasn't staff, I wouldn't have priced my head differently, for the same reason. Want to keep numbers down, keep demand up and supply easy to manage, without throwing them all out.

    Some may agree with that, some may not. We all do it different ways, and it depends on so many different factors. I know there's some staff very happy to give their head to everyone, which is great too!
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  5. What do you know, they all gather :)

    I'll draw results (shared in public!) near upcoming weekend.

    Who's museum will be a little more special than the others? Find out next weekend. Same channel, same Shell time! :p

    (I feel so old now) :p
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  6. I plan to but for now I don't have a large enough collection of them to open that section of my museum.
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  7. that is exactly what I meant up there: honesty.

    You my friend, and all the above, are hereby officially included into the upcoming (random.org) ShellChop give away.

    (I make it sound so appealing, don't I?) :D
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  8. Currently gathering resources to build my future museum. I've built the main design on a single player world and just need to get the blocks and get it built. I would love to have a section of the museum dedicated to staff, contribution team, stream team etc. I plan to also have a community section of the museum, where players can donate their heads to be on display (And obviously never get sold). This is the greatest community I've ever been involved in, and I am so happy that I have been able to play on here for so many years. I understand that some team members don't like to give out their heads, but I feel like they still deserve to be honored. So, I will have some sort of acknowledgement for their work for the community in some way, shape, or form.


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  9. I don't know if you consider that dirt promo vault of mine a museum, but I guess it's open to people to view. I have a head collection in there. It would be amazing if I did happen to get your head (which I won't since I probably don't count for this anyway :p) since I won't have much of a chance to get one in the future, but I understand that you want to keep it rare and that you just want to give it out to more public museums :D
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  10. I don't usually go out of my way to get staff heads. I really think some heads are way over prices, but that's just me. I was planning on having heads in my museum but not for staff, admins etc. It would be for everyone. When I get a new head it will go in the next open slot. I won't be separating them into groups. They will all be equally displayed and wanted. Anyone who wants their head in there can do so. Only difference would be promo heads. Those are much different and I understand when their price is insane. Other then that I put all heads together whether it be Aikar's head or a user that's been here for a week.
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  11. well i have a place where i display almost every promo in existence and some rates i own.
    i wouldn't really call it a museum but its easy to see all the promos in chests tho for now (14477 down the promo section)
    i'm planning to make a museum where i can put these items in and the heads of members who will kindle give them for not a high price.
    now i will keep this to the more "special" people like staff and the other groups because for 1 reason
    a lot of heads causes lagg.

    now to be fair
    i don't expect to win this since i don't have this museum yet (might take a year before i get)
    but i would love too showcase your head in my staff/team chests :)

    i hope you have a nice day :D
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  12. And I have made a final selection of musea. Sorry Dufne, Kippy & Allicanto :)

    I was going to use post numbers, then noticed that there's a gap in between, so I'm just using a sequence and will let random.org decide, that makes no difference for the end result:
    1. kaprix
    2. finch_rocks_1
    3. FDNY21
    4. crafter31211
    5. ThaKloned
    So we're going from 1 - 5. Who is going to win....

    Number 3: FDNY21!

    Congratulations! I will send it through /mail as soon as I come online later on. You can now officially claim that you have the only Shell head in (public) existence on the Empire for now :)

    The only time I'll be giving a head away again is going to be in my upcoming anniversary event (but before that I'll be doing a follower appreciation event again) :p And after all that I plan to ignore heads once again for another long time to come :)
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  13. Thanks, I'll be sure to put it up on my player heads floor after collecting my mail. It'll be with the other team heads, though of course all the players are displayed up there! I wasn't expecting to win to be honest, I was mainly posting to issue out my response to some of the things on the thread, but I guess that makes it all the more a surprise, eh.

    Follower appreciation event? I've always found those strange... "thanks for liking me" is the impression I get! :rolleyes: I'll look forward to your anniversary event.

    I wonder how many millions Ayanami would pay for this... heh. I'm joking, I know it's you! ;) Thanks again. :D
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