EMC = Monopoly Revamped (Read description)

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Does EMC seem like Monopoly Revamped?

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  1. So recently I was asked by my sister how I would describe EMC....I was really interested In this question because I always look for servers like EMC, just to see if any of them seem remotely similar. This is because when I started playing this server it felt like I had played something a lot like it before. Alas I could never find the server or anything. I always questioned why I liked this server so much. My parents and siblings did also. So today when I was confronted with this question I finally figured it out:


    But I don't think anyone's complaining, and every time they make an update it just puts us closer, and frankly I'm excited. The dragon tomb update will add our properties to the game to sell and trade. We have seen the game of monopoly being made.... And it's fun.

    I I really like it, THANK YOU EMC STAFF

    But I wanna here how you guys would describe EMC. Off to read the comments! (Please no being rude, no put downs, etc.)
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  2. I think its more like legos with friends and a save feature...
  3. I dont see it as monopoly at all :p
  4. I don't see it like that at all, I see it a replica of the actual world.. There are the miners, the lumberjacks, the business owners, the entrepreneurs, the rich people, the poor people, the homeless. We have an economy, shopping centers, restaurants, casinos, amusement parks. We have the cities, countries, and towns. We have our of form of politics and also a community which connects us all. We have militias, and small businesses. We have mods (police officers) and also book writers (authors). In a way, in here we can express what we truly are and shelter from reality.
  5. It is an insult to compare Empire Minecraft to Monopoly.

    It is much more diverse than that.
  6. I see it more of a Hunger games. (except for the random part of killing people) There are different "districts" (smp's)
    So for example the poor district 12 is like smp3 (were i live) or Smp1 is like District 1 the luxury district. Then theres the capital, which are like the mods or admins. (except the mods and admins are way nicer ;))
  7. Its kinda like this Minecraft thing, anyone hear about that? Some weird European game