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  1. Am i the only person who would buy some EMC merchandise? What kind of EMC merchandise do you want to see?
  2. i definitely would! tshirts! tanktops! sweatshirts!
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  3. Tees would be great. I would probably buy one.
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  4. an emc baseball cap would be pretty cool, any other ideas?
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  5. I personally like this idea. I would definitely get myself and Empire Minecraft T-Shirt. I think this idea belongs under the suggestions forums. :)
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  6. I'd probably buy some merchandise. Good way of being able to have something I love and being able to give money to the servers too... I like it :)
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  7. I want to have a diamond supporter voucher so I could have it in my hand
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  8. +1 I would probably get a t-shirt
  9. Very restricted on what they can make. The Minecraft part of Empire Minecraft is still copyrighted to Mojang. Basically, EMC can make nothing with Minecraft in.
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  10. I have already asked for this along with many others, it is against "Da rulez" to sell Tee's hats and all that stuff. You can go to somewhere and make yourself one but EMC cant sell them.

    Dang ninja.
  11. This was suggested before, but I don't recall what's the reason it didn't happen :p Maybe someone can update us on this?

    Edit: Oh ok, see above
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  12. i understand you cant have the words minecraft as that is copyrighted. i dont see a problem of having EMC branded merchandise as long as it doesnt use the word minecraft
  13. +Over one thousannnddddd.... :3
    I'd love a gold chain with EMC written at the bottom :3 you know like they have in misic videos :p the extremely oversized jewellery. I'd buy it haha. Oh and a shirt yes.

    I also think it would be great if the shirt had EMC and their logo on the front and then our res of choice on the back side :eek:
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  14. I would love to see this!
    I already got my own EMC t-shirt I made on CustomInk :p
  15. I would love a sweatshirt, because I dont really care for the feel of t-shirts. Maybe its just because I wear dry-fit shirts 24/7. :p
  16. I'm not sure if this is a reasonable idea. However, if you'd want EMC clothes, you can order them relatively cheap easily on the web. Starlis LLC won't get money for it that way, but it will advertise our servers. (artscow is great, for example. You could even make an EMC bikini! :eek:)
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