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  1. EMC has partnered with a very exciting project called MCQuarterly.com. To give you an idea of what they are doing here is an excerpt from their site:

    Their very first issue comes out on June 1st and you have a chance to pre-order your copy. They will be awarding some of those that do a printed copy of the magazine, while the rest will be digital. Owning this will be like owning a piece of Minecraft history as we feel this project is going to go very far.

    Even more exciting news is that YOU can be a part of that history. They are looking for submissions from players of their creations to appear IN the actual magazine. Please click on the link below to submit your creation. Please do so quickly as their first issue is almost ready to be printed and we would like to see a lot of EMC creations in there if possible!

  2. Cool, Looks Awesome!!!
  3. You Sure They Won't Steal Information From pre-order?
  4. I'm pretty sure Justin and ICC would only team up with people they trust. Anyway, the donations are done through PayPal so they'll never see any of your payment details.

    (Beat you ICC :p)
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  5. Pre Ordering In Less Than An Hour
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  6. It's all done through paypal, so it's 100% safe!
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  7. Why? Why must I be broke? D:

    EDIT: To be specific, I wish I wasn't broke electronically. I don't have a credit card. I wish I had easy access to Visa gift cards... :(

    EDIT x2: If it was in Newstand on iOS, I could actually get it. Just an idea.
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    Im a horrible builder XD I would probably never get in there, and I would never be allowed to spend money on a digital magazine :~/
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  9. Oh, great. And none of my fantastic projects are finished yet :(
    That being said, I guess I'll try with that old res of mine.
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  10. Hi, this is Casey, the Editor-in-Chief of the Quarterly who has been working with Justin and IceCream. I appreciate the support!

    Like the others said, everything is done through Paypal. We only keep your name and address (for shipping purposes). We have no idea of what type of payment you used or any of that. :)

    I'd love to see the magazine free, myself, but that fee is so we can generate funds to give back to the community. :D If we receive sufficient donations to fund these community events, though, I wouldn't be opposed to making future issues free. :)
  11. Can you say if we are one of the featured up-and-coming servers?
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  12. I'm going to save up and buy one!
  13. Can we get a subscription to the magazine? I'd love to subscribe to like 2 years or 1 year of it.. I know a bunch of people would too! Don't forget to advertize this on Minecraftforum and planetminecraft.. People will be ordering it for sure!
  14. :) just bought mine !
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  15. So... will we be advertised on the magazine?
  16. EMC is putting in an ad or two in this issue, and will actually be the spotlight server in the next issue. Our content was booked up about a month ago (almost instantly, rather), but that'll be for the better, because EMC will have an idea on how to really puff out its chest then. :)

    At this time, it's on a per issue basis. That's because a month ago, we weren't sure if this was going to take off or not. Given our sponsors, I think you can expect us around for a long time. :)

    There's a thread or two on them, but both websites refuse to sponsor us until we've proven ourselves successful on this first issue. So that's up to you guys!

    And I'm loving all the submissions we've just received from EMC. I had no doubt that when I asked Justin for his support, we had just grasped part of the best the community has to offer. :)
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  17. Thats really cool, but will it cost anything to preorder?
  18. Good Thing My Res With Pixel Art Is Almost Done :p ( Thanks To XDjzz)
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