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  1. Hi Everyone,
    Today I propose a new idea...

    An EMC insurance company! Basically when someone is griefed, pvp'd, base/res gets burned now (wild or town) they are not left out of pocket. There will be monthly charges (depending on if it's in the town, how well hidden it is and how valuable it is ect) and then if an incident listed above happens there will be a payout (with a max limit) that will cover the cost of the damaged materials or lost items.

    This isn't the finalised plan, merely an idea that I want peoples feedback on. If people don't like the idea of this please explain why and if everyone hates it I won't do it :p

    I just thought this would be really helpful, particularly for newer players with not much money that can't cover the cost of repairing and rebuilding.

    Daffy :)
  2. Not allowed.
  3. Sorry Daffy, as Joshposh stated above, this isn't allowed.
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  4. Oh ok. :(
    Thanks for telling me
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  5. Sure, no problem! I say this on behalf of Josh and I ;)
  6. why not allowed? they provide a service i would join it i was going to ask if they wanted to join ProStarter
  7. It can lead to scams.
  8. daffy22 is very trusted
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  9. Doesn't mean he's allowed to break the rules. They're the same for everyone.
  10. ok but im saying where is this rule?
  11. It's on a thread, somewhere. I'm trying to find it now - I'm pretty sure it was made my Dark_Liz so that narrows it down a bit...

    EDIT: Can't find it, just trust us, it exists. It was something like you're not allowed to hold rupees when you don't guarantee to give them all back - eg. banks. That's not the full rule or anything like it was originally written but it's something like that.
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  12. What I recommend if you want to help people who have been griefed- Donate to them without them asking. Doesn't have to be much, just enough to get them back on their feet. I am not saying Give them a stack of Diamonds, but make sure they have a pickaxe wood/saplings. The necessities.
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  13. Your point is. He could also be scammed.
  14. yeah i remember it my bad :/
  15. This sounds like a cool idea!

    But like the other says, it's not allowed :/
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  16. The last post by Aikar in this thread addresses this general topic: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/...-as-soon-as-we-get-a-lender.9758/#post-140191

    People giving other people money to "hold on to" in good faith, or when people manage large sums, it usually turns out badly.

    Government, banks, insurance companies, charities and other large organizations are often in the news and typically don't fare well in public opinion for this reason.
  17. *cough*Jlopez22*cough*
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  18. *cough* permanently banned *cough*
  19. Well I guess thats that business venture over before it started...
    Back to the drawing board for me :p
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  20. if your any good with signature i got a company you could do, but i dont know if people will pay PM me if you want more info or ideas