EMC Lenders Association (Accepting as soon as we get a Lender)

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  1. -removed - Service not allowed -
  2. Please properly fill out the application if you do not wish to state your rupee balance then just use ****.
  3. Then imma say Biscuit. He knows me. I think.
  4. ok i can handle that i will withdraw if i get too riped off

    will u message loans to me or do i need to monitor forum
  5. If he is aware have him post.
  6. Transactions will be handled in conversations, but you should probably watch the thread as well.
  7. Ok reply to my message with how big your store will be (dimensions), the loan you are looking for and the time that you think that you will complete it
  8. The lender will be matched with a borrower in a private conversation. By the way I like your acheivement.
  9. Fluffinator, i would consider joining as a lender (and inviting the Delta's to do such) but just a question, is 5% the percentage you win per transaction? so if i lend (lets say) Eclipsys 100k then you keep 5k and i get 110k when he pays back?
    I think that 5% it's pretty much for large transactions, maybe making a balanced table or something to work this out better yet, what if i decide to move 1million? lol.
  10. That is a good point. when I posted this I didn't think that much on that more on how to keep the money safe.
    I will consider this and try to keep this in mind and devise a system for it.
  11. Thank you :)
  12. Although it WILL take some time. :) ;)
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  13. I would be interested if there was more security for myself/my money.
  14. I smell this going terribly wrong.
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  15. According to your avatar you'r a cat, cats smell a bunch of stuff around. :p
  16. Just a suggestion. How about 5% up to and including 50K and a flat fee of 2,500k for anything over? And how will this fee be used? will it be invested later?
    I see it as a protection fee, in which by using this method a lender will be protected against non-payment. I think it would be beneficial to state that in the main post, that way people don't think you are just getting paid for standing by and try to bypass the system.
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  17. I dont get why you (fluffinator09) are getting 5% of the loan - if your not the one taking the risks? o,O

    Imo for this to work - you should cover the lost rupees from people that doesnt pay - and thereby have all the risk.

    It seems very unrealistic how this loaner/lender business is setup - and i see no greater means with it, then for you to sit back and get rupees - without taking the risk of anything.

    This just doesnt sound right :D And i would indeed advise noone to lend anyone money before its cleared..
  18. Sorry guys we decided a while back to not allow public bank type things such as this, as it has too much potential for scam, drama, and more /report's for us.

    This isn't to say you cant borrow money from people, just can't be done as a public service.

    What 2 people do in the privacy of PM/tell is their own thing, but nothing large scale like this please.

    And as you see from the above post... there is ALREADY concerns.
    I've also removed peoples post who posted their rupees for their privacy.
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