EMC, I need your help!

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  1. My girlfriend started playing some music and it struck one of those awful nerves in my brain that goes "I know I've heard this, but where...?"

    The song in question:

    Now I know I've heard this used in some TV or movie (for obvious reasons, made in or after 2005), but my brain simply won't fill in the blank. Efforts to search IMDB and the like yield nothing, and googling the song / artist hasn't helped either.

    So help me out, EMC - where have I heard this before?!? It's driving me nuts now!
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  2. It's not fully the same but when I heard it this the first thing popping to my mind, Kiss Kiss from Tarkan:

  3. It's not the same song, but when I heard it - I thought Ocean's 12 (when Frenchie is explaining how he stole the egg)

  4. It's not 100% like that song, but it's almost the same.
  5. Being serious guys, c'mon. Somebody has to know a TV show or movie that's used that song?
  6. Nope, never heard it.
    As with most songs, for me.
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  7. Me neither.. never heard it! Sorry.
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  8. For the record, I was. The music from the song and intermezzo's has a little bit of that Arabian sound in it which, in my opinion obviously, sits a somewhat close to Tarkan's background. Anyway, I wasn't trying to joke up there.
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  9. I gave it my all, but I can't find any info either. I even tried searching under her name Deniz Celik. Sorry Mr. Tiger. I am of no help.
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  10. Meh, that was more aimed at Mr. Nyan-cat up there. :p It was late and I wasn't amused by the attempted joke. Don't worry about it.

    As for the song, I know it's kinda obscure, which makes me think it was probably a one-off in some TV show (NCIS, Person of Interest, etc), but I can't rule out a movie either. Given the artist (or her origins rather), it may be the song went uncredited in the film or episode, which would probably make this search damn near impossible unless you'd seen the same show/film.

    It's also possible I never saw the show, and it was something my girlfriend was watching on Netflix that I just happened to be in earshot for (Limitless, Orange is the New Black, something like that) and the reason I can't remember it is because I don't actually have the visual sequence that accompanied it.

    Not a huge deal really, but I figured I'd ask you guys, since my brain was utterly useless at providing the answer.
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  11. Well this is not the same but I thought of this right away.