EMC, I need your advice.

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Were you nervous for high school?

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No 6 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. School is coming up for almost everyone, but this year is unique to me. I'm starting high school. I felt confident 2 weeks in advance, but as the day comes closer, I am panicking. I need your advice, emc.

    So, let's start with the good news.
    There is none :(

    Next is the bad news. Which is the whole thread. Today, at orientation, I found out: my classes were different than all of my friends. I can't do this. I'm too nervous, I know no one in these new classes. I only see my friends at lunch now, which is even more depressing. To make matters worse, I can't even bike to school. I live a few blocks away and I can't bike?!

    To top everything, I am also worried about my GPA. My dad keeps saying, "Stop playing video games. Read. Study." I only play 1-2 hrs a day. Last school year, I had a GPA of 3.4. I thought that was fine because I go to a really advanced school. I'm doing Calculus in 9th this year. So do I need to work on my GPA?

    I know emc is a minecraft community, but I hope someone can help. I know most people have gone thru high school. I don't know what to do. :( Thanks for understanding and reading.

    -Ender :/
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  2. You should work on gpa, it will define kinda of your future, so... I dont really have anymore advice as i aint familar with the US system, but i can to you good luck!
  3. My first day of high school I walked alone. Rather than continuing with every friend I'd ever had to the public school, I went to a different one to pursue a schedule that wouldn't kill me inside. I knew nobody. I wouldn't see my usual friends at all during the school day and because of the school's distance from my own home (forget biking!), I wouldn't see them much outside of school, either (due to the long commute taking up significant time).

    And you know what?

    I was fine.

    Yeah, there are the sucky moments. I've unfortunately kept in touch with very few of my old crew, but I do see them occasionally, and we always enjoy catching up; the fact is, if you put actual effort into staying in touch with them (I fully blame myself for sliding out) you will likely continue to talk plenty with most of them. However, note that instead, I've made some of the closest friends in my life by just embracing the opportunity, and I don't feel any less loved and surrounded by good people than I did before; more so, in fact. It sounds so, so cheesy to just say "be yourself," but all I really had to do was relax and let go of all the knots of worry and tension and just pure discomfort at being in a new place. I think one of the reasons the bike specifically causes you to struggle so much is that it's familiar to you, and going in without that one last hope to grasp, seems to leave you with nothing. Trust me, I get that, but look at it in a new light: maybe this is time to discover who you can really be in a bigger, newer world, unfettered from your old habits and inhibitions. All you have to do is just breathe, and eventually you'll feel at home. No, not right away, but it'll happen.

    As for gpa, it's your freshman year; don't stress too much. Do well and try hard, but ultimately if you do well (note that well does not mean perfect!) this first year and improve over your future years, colleges will see that and accept it. Life does not revolve around a number; live your life and learn to accept that B along with a relaxed, happy lifestyle than an A with an overworked, miserable one. Calculus is very simple, and if you're doing it in 9th, you're certainly ready for it.

    You can do this. You're a great person with a powerful personality, and that's all you need. This isn't the movies; a "dramatic" entrance does not a well-liked person make (nor is one like you described usually noticed). A confident, happy one, on the other hand, will do you wonders.
  4. I go to a fairly laid back school. Fairly advanced school- ran with a 3.9 GPA. I was keeping a 4 but precalc... smh... Had a teacher that wasnt very good at uhm... teaching (not just my opinion, it was the opinion of mostly everyone in my class lol). Now, I play video games about 5+ hours a day (lots of free time, going outside where I live isnt an option). I am the kind of person that if you tell me something one-three times I will remember it for the most part so I don't have the need to study unless its a super boring subject that makes me not pay much attention.

    Now to your question about GPA. I am not sure if it is different where you live or not but my middle school GPA did not carry over to High School. You get a new "slate" I guess. Considering colleges only care about your high school semester GPAs (they care about ACT and SAT too(havent done either and I am a senior starting next week...)).

    Now for drama and stuff- cant help you there. My school is a very friendly place. If there is any drama, it is usually outside of school and in texts and stuff not really the kind where you talk behind someone's back or anything like that.

    Honestly, this dramatic entrance thing you planned- not sure why thats important to you. I could understand an entrance like that on TV or something but it isnt anything I have ever seen.

    On the first day you will take in alot of information about your next 4 years. I hate the first day of school because it is always so BORING (rules are handed out, class guides are given).

    As for new friends and stuff- I am not the person to talk to. I am that quiet kid that reads a book in class instead of talking (I'll talk if my friends are around but usually they are all in different classes). As for not being in class with your friends- I know what thats like. Its not the end of the world though. You can meet new friends (people can be very friendly if you make a good first impression) or what I like to do- just delve into a book. Granted, this being problems up though. I had to go to the library soooo many times in the last 3 years. Reading atleast 2 books per week really makes you run out of reading materials. Think I will need even more books this year though... only 2 classes I have are ENC (college english) and Sociology (also a college class). ENC I only have on my 2nd semester and Sociology is a full year. The rest of my classes are going to be electives and at my school we have 7 classes so... hopefully I can get a period where I just chill in the library- or maybe go off campus for a college class at the community college (not sure though, was going to get license this summer but uh, noticed that I am not that good at parking the car- driving and turning and paying attention I could go with 10/10 but parking looks horrific so college class second semester maybe).

    Not sure if any of this helps, currently half asleep. If I can help with anything else let me know. I know many of us here on EMC have gone or are going through high school.
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  5. Same happened to me. I just tell people it's do I don't have to give a valedictorian speech at graduation.
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  6. Relatively speaking. :p It's not that bad!


  7. I'm gonna do some real talk here. Normally I joke around, but this is a story that matters to me.

    Almost 4 years ago, I started high school. I was the only one from my middle school to go to my chosen high school. I knew quite literally no one and nothing about what I was getting into. I was nervous beyond belief, because I thought I was going to be all alone.

    But as I'd soon find out, I was wrong.

    On the first day of school, I and all the other freshman were too busy getting used to everything to care much about who we were with for classes. But, it wasn't during school that the center of my story happened, it was after.

    It was at cross country practice after school. The coach gave the grand opening speech, and we started warm ups. After we were done with those, he told us to just go out on a run and enjoy the first day of the season. AS I was running, I noticed a kid that was running about my speed, which to put it nicely, was extremely slow. So I ran next to him. He didn't really look at me, just changed his pace to match mine. As we got passed and dropped farther from the group, we started talking. He was in a situation much like mine. He knew a couple people here, but not many. We started joking around, and I realized this guy was pretty cool. We started hanging out more and more, and he eventually became my running buddy, my roommate, and my closest friend. He even showed me his favorite game, something called "Minecraft", and a really cool server called "EMC". This guy in question was none other than Luckygreenbird.

    4 years later, Lucky and I are going off to college together, we're still rooming together in college, and are giving each other a ton of crap about how our major is better. In short, life is good. If I hadn't figured out how to make the best of a bad situation, high school, and then college, could have been miserable for me.

    What I'm trying to say is, although you may not be with your friends in all your classes, that doesn't mean its a bad thing. You get to hang out with them after school, and you'll make some damn good friends if you let your personality come through. Just remember, only 0.01% of the freshman are actually as confident as they appear. They're all as nervous and uncertain as you are, whether they're with their friends or not. You aren't the minority here, you're all in the same boat here. High school can be tough, but that doesn't mean it has to be.
  8. High school will be awesome i was a little nervous but once i got in there is was awesome, but don't make enemies with the teachers the first day i learned that the hard way :)
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  9. I just started high school, I've got 2 friends and a lot of people that aren't my friends (half bully's). Here a tip know the crowd
  10. I started my second year of high school last week, and I now only go on my computer on the weekends.. It has really been helping me out..
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  11. Honestly... I think that most people get a little nervous starting something new or going through a big change. Those experiences in our past, present, and the ones to come help mold us into the people we are and will become. Right now it may seem overwhelming, so just take it all in one day at a time.

    It stinks that your friends are not in the same classes as you, but they are still in the same school!! Take this opportunity to make new friendships, bonds, and memories.

    You will not know what all will happen, but give it time. You will get used to the flow of highschool and find your place. I can guarantee you will also grow as a person.

    It can be scary but once you get past that there is also so much to be exited about.

    In highschool I was very shy, but I still managed to make a solid group of friends and fond memories. Just dont shut the door to new opportunities!!!

    Also, keep in mind, it will be the first year in highschool for most of your classmates. They will be going through the same experiences and fears as you, you are not alone in this!!!
  12. I know this nervousness - I started high school in 2015, and it was a huge change. I was separated from my friends, which due to a crippling socia anxiety, are really hard for me to make. And while I don't have a heartwarming story like BurgerKnight, I did do this: I learned the crowd and I just, talked. I am loose friends with many people and this year I'll try to get closer to some. If you just relax, breathe, and are willing to talk, it's not nearly as bad. It starts to feel like a community. While it's taken me a long time to do this, I'm sure many others could do that and make great friends quickly. So I refer to Hashhog's post - that cheesy be yourself line is useful. Trust your gut instincts on people, and just talk to them.

    You'll find someone you like fast. Or you never know- someone might approach you! :)

    Hope this helps and I apologize for errors, I'm on my phone
  13. Same lol... I really need to get on some of those things this year....

    Also, I personally am holding a GPA of 3.7. Not bad at all when you take into consideration that I work 35+hrs a week and a large portion of my courses are accelerated or at college level. That and my gaming addiction as well lol....
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  14. Abandon your friends find a new bunch with the same intrests worked for me