EMC Griefing Awarness

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Would you grief to get richer?

Yes 3 vote(s) 13.0%
No 20 vote(s) 87.0%
  1. Lately I have heard and seen many griefing on plots. My mall on smp1 1794 has been grieved the damage is over a million rupees. Everyone out there that has any flags please don't abuse the power of them. It can be very hurtful to the plot owner. So if you write in this thread you are dedicated to EMC.
  2. I once had build to a res without any flags. Didn't take anything though :rolleyes:
  3. Why do I have the feeling I know who did this? <.<
  4. Well some players say they would help your residence with anything and they lie and grief
  5. It's never a good idea to give flags out to people you do not know. I'm not suggesting to never get help with your mall, but with the flags you may want to play a lot on EMC so you can identify who is trustworthy, who isn't and let you get your name out there. If your mall, ran by you alone, is sucessful and you want to expand you'll find people who may be willing to help you out.

    But tl;dr:

    1) If you don't know them, don't give them flags.
    2) If you don't trust them, whether you don't know them or you don't think they're honest, etc., don't give them flags.

    Technically, town "griefing" isn't griefing because we can prevent it using flags. Is it wrong? Yes, but if we give flags to someone to build and then find something wrecked on our res, we shouldn't be surprised. We did kinda ask for it in a way by giving flags to people we barely know.

    Keep in mind this: it's really easy to be nice one time. It's really hard to be a community contributor. Those who want to cause harm will not contribute over the long term.
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  6. What? ;-;
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  7. First off all I really sympathize with your situation. It's not a nice experience to see your trust getting violated like that, and for sure: this is an act of rudeness (to keep this polite).


    I also think it's fair to say that there are dozens of players out there who are much too trustworthy or who simply take unnecessary risks when it comes to giving other people access to their residence(s). I've been there myself; you offer help to someone with digging out their residence and the next moment you got 'admin' besides your name. Worse yet: when the job is done and you look back the next day this admin flag is still behind your name.

    That is the backside of this story. I've seen it happening way too often in town chat; people ask for help, others offer it and in no time they get an admin flag behind their name. Even though all they'd need is 'Build'. Or in cases with a shop or mall: instead of using Access Signs people simply hand out "Container" flags, thus giving others full access to every chest on the residence.

    Worse yet: when you inform the owner of the residence about the risk its not uncommon for them to ignore your warning. Sometimes only to end up getting stolen from.

    Please note: I'm not saying that when people get this kind of access that it is ok for them to simply do whatever they like. It most certainly is not. But I do want to point out that many players are much too casual when it comes to giving other players (full) access to their residence.

    It is for this reason why the wiki page on flags says this when explaining the admin flag:

    Be extremely careful with giving players an admin flag because you're giving them permission to do anything they like on you residence. If residence admins decide to steal your items then the staff cannot help you because you basically gave these players permission to do so!

    That is red and bold and full with markup for a very good reason unfortunately :confused:
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