EMC Geocaching?

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  1. I had the thought of geocaching on EMC. For those unfamiliar with it, it is a type of 'hide and seek' game, except what is hidden is a container with either a logbook and sometimes items in it. Individuals then must find the container using navigation methods; GPS, orienteering, waymarks, etc.

    When the container is found, the person then signs the logbook, places everything back and leaves it for the next person.

    Wasn't certain if this would be better played in the Wild/Waste or the Frontier, or both. So long as those leaving geocaches state which server and if it is the Waste or Frontier, I'd think either be fine. As the Waste does reset, those who left geocaches may want to remove them before reset.

    I've left a chest with a book and quill that I wrote my name and today's date (12/24/15) somewhere in the Waste on SMP9. A clue to find it is to go to the Southern Spawn, take the Southern stairs to the ground level. Face to a heading of approximately -44, walk out approximately 250 squares. You'll cross thh same body of water twice, through many pines, and the chest is hidden beneath a tall pine that stands alone on the east bank. If you find it, please write your name and date in the book and leave it there. Should be easy to find.
  2. Nice! Could I advise this be a thread for others to share their locations? Like real geocashing, you could have trade for items =P
    EDIT: I wanna try to find it XD
  3. This thread or maybe a more official one, may have some rules to work out. I was going to refrain from using exact coordinates, be easy then. Maybe fudge them by 10 or so if giving any x, y, z coordinates.
  4. I've went geocaching a few times in real life, I'll definitely have to try it out on EMC! Sounds like a lot of fun. :)
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  5. I haven't gone geocaching persay, at least not since the term was coined and it became popular. When I was in Boy Scouts, we did plenty of scavenger hunts where we used a compass to navigate to locations. Much the same, just no GPS back then.
  6. You usually say where it is relative to something, say there's one in town at my pond. I'd say "Sometimes, things get sucked in the drain" and there'd be something there to exchange with
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  7. Sounds like a great idea. I've been Geocaching many times and I reckon implementing the idea on EMC would be great - maybe even start a competition? I'm planning something similar on my res which includes finding hidden chests/signs and deciphering a message which would all lead to a final location with a prize.
  8. This is a really cool idea! I have went geocaching irl a few times. Kind of an amazing system.
  9. Sounds like a cool idea. I would love to see this implemented into EMC.
  10. Even if not implemented into the code. This is definitely something players could start up informally first. Would require people to be honest D=
  11. Even if most players were honest, you would still have those players that break the rules just because they want to. I think maybe that there should be some kind of protection to prevent players from stealing books. But you're right this could be started by players and eventually be implemented.
  12. That would be cool to have in EMC.
  13. I think it would be fun. I have done the GeoCache in RL it was really fun. I would do it here on EMC.
  14. Maybe a geocache sign, if when placed on a chest, it cannot be broken except by who placed the sign.

    Sign would then look like this.

    Only I could then break the sign and chest. Anyone could open it and take or add items.
  15. As I am not certain who knows this, for navigation on the debug screen on the line that starts with Facing, the last two numbers indicate indicate your horizontal (azimuthal) and vertical (altitudinal) rotation. Looks something like (0.0 / 0.0). The first number is such that -180 is North, 0.0 is South, 90 is West, -90 is East. So in my first geocache, a heading of -44 would be Southeast.
  16. Instead of signing with a book and quill, the items in the chest is another chest and a sign. Person signs by leaving a locked chest.
  17. SMP9@Waste E, the peak NW of the North stairs, find the oak past the spruce.
  18. Is it possible to lock a chest and hopper, then GeoCachers can drop a signed book or special item drop it in, then the person/s in charge of record keeping of the sites can consolidate the sigs, can also put a "view" sign on the chests so we can see what others have placed in them....
  19. I don't understand.
    Geocaching is... When you go find an area and trade items at that area?
    But we're changing it up to be that EMC geocaching is a game where you find a chest with a logbook and write down your name a date found? Nothing traded, just a basic "go find this" game?
  20. I've made one and placed in in the SMP5 wild!

    The rough location, hints, and instructions can be found in the guide book, which can be obtained by either: buying it for 1r at Residence 11362 OR requesting a guide book (free!).

    After you've found the cache, simply record your name in the logbook and take ONE diamond and replace all blocks you mined. Let me know when you've found it, too!

    I also need some feedback: Was it too easy? Too hard? How good were the hints?