EMC Game 54

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  1. OK, I was derpin about, as always and I came up with my first (and I believe original maybe?) EMC game!

    Take a picture that can mimic a player-name!

    I took some pictures of 'items' around my house to mimic player names!
    So, here is my first round!

    Heh shaving...foam...

    Eye Care

    Heh, ok so I didn't have this 'laying around' but had fun doing it!
  2. Hehe ok last one for a bit! Some of the names could be tough!


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  3. This thread should be entertaining..
  4. *grabs popcorn*
  5. I don't see an item matching my name in my future. :p
    porphos has no meaning whatsoever! :D
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  6. I have one for the staff! :D

  7. image.jpg image.jpg
    Eye-Car? Do I win? :D (excuse crappy iphone pictures)
  8. Heh, it better than my eye-care heheheh!
    Keep em rollin peeps!

    Just snag ur camera, and make em fun!
  9. Shouldn't there be 42 of those potatoes, Highlancer?
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  10. Heh, when I was walking out the door with the bag and the lighter fluid, I was stopped, however allowed one sacrificial potato and the lighter fluid!
  11. I'll leave the numbers be. Because it seems that more people have numbers in their name than not.




    I have more in mind, but they have harder to get pictures, and I want to make every picture specifically for this game, instead of using old ones.

    I'll probably search for the numbers later and add them in.
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  12. Hmm this should be fun :p Let me find some stuff.
  13. >.< I'm so close to having a username just need one more picture >.<
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  14. you know what you're doing lol
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  15. So uh, kinda cheated and doodled 3 parts because I don't have a random D and 73 laying around.

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  16. Ignora-moose

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  17. My phone is very stupid so it is a backwards rainbow.

    Rainbowchin, obviosly.
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