EMC Forums App For Android and Apple?

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Do you think that there should be an EMC app which people can use for the forums 'on the go'?

Yes, of course! :D 13 vote(s) 65.0%
Maybe sometimes :) 4 vote(s) 20.0%
No! :( 3 vote(s) 15.0%
  1. Do you guys think it would be handy to EMC on the go? I think it would be a really good idea as we can brouse the forums or chat to people where ever we are. I think it should be something that EMC could do in the future!
  2. Don't know about you but using the forums online with mobile works just fine, in fact I'm on my android phone right now! :p
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  3. I think its a good idea as it will be easier to functions on smaller phones
  4. This has been suggested sooooo many times. Aikar attempted to get people to help with converting the CSS of the site to become responsive, but nothing came from it.
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  5. If you're looking to browse the forums, use Safari or Andriod's eqivalent.

    If you're looking for an EMC app, it has already been denied.
    Please read all the pinned threads in the suggestion box before posting.
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  6. No, I don't see the need for it. Also: one has already been created. For Android, that is, as it would cost money on iOS.
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  7. It costs money for both platforms. But Android/Play Store is a lot cheaper and has less restrictions.
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  8. My emc website doesn't really work on my iPhone 5s say if I want to send a message it only lets me send one then I have to close the page and re open it to send another :/
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  9. Hmm.. On my IPad Mini it works fine..

    Are you sure you're waiting the 30 second post timer limit thingy?
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  10. I think it's a great idea, but an EMC app on iOS and Android doesn't really catch my interest. I would rather just sit at a computer and use it from there. It would also cost the devs quite a bit of money as nfell said. But then again, why not?
  11. It depends on what specs your phone has that can make the site run butter smooth. What phone do you have?
  12. Samsung s4, which loads the site perfectly. I've also used older generation Samsungs/android phones too and they also work fine.
  13. I thought there already was an app.
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  14. I've noticed problems with the forums on my iPhone 6 (e.g: Aikar's face showing up as the logo, or the banner being missing and/or replaced by someone's avatar) however I wouldn't go rushing and worrying about an app. It would be useful though.
  15. I hate to break t to you, but there will most likely not be an official app for either platform, ever. There may be unofficial versions however. I have an apple developer account, so if need be I can sign the application. It doesn't have to be put on the App Store, against common belief. You can just click a download button and install an app off the internet. The same is true with android devices. If my memory serves me correctly, then someone already has made significant work on an app for android. (Was it jkrmnj?)
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  16. Rather than have an EMC "app," I'd like to see a mobile version of the site. That'd fix the problem of the site being hard to use on mobile devices.
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  17. Well, when EMC updates the xenFero version, it will be better, right?

    Aikar also said there will probably be a new theme :D
  18. This has already been suggested and is listed as pending.

    Please make sure to read the suggestion list before posting.
  19. okay sorry
  20. Here is the link to the thread about the Android app.