EMC financial Situation?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nerone94, Aug 4, 2012.

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  1. With all these supporters, how much of our money that we are donating is going directly to the game? Are we supporting it fully, or is Justin having to pay for servers out of pocket still? And if we ARE paying for it completely, what happens to the excess money left over each month?
  2. Cheezburgers! No, JK. Any excess money probably goes to Justin for food and that kind of stuff, but he may give the cow a bit too... Just my guess.
  3. He shouldn't be making money off of our Donations is what I am pointing out. We are not paying for a service. We are donating money to a non-profit organization. And if there is profit in it for them, then they are no longer donations, but rather subscriptions.
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    It's going toward this.
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  5. It clearly states on the upgrades page that it is a subscription, for example, it has an option to "cancel subscription".
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  6. It all goes straight back to the server, I am 100% positive I've read that somewhere on the website!
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  7. mate if justin and the cow took half the money i support having supporter on 3 accounts, i wouldnt care, they have created this and are using all they can to make it better, if they made them selves use every single penny then emc would be way to pressurised.
  8. guys Justin has already said before he and Jeremy take no profits from emc they put it all towards making the server's better and keeping in going.
  9. B-b-b-but according to copher they are playing evil capitalism against us! But seriously, if they do make a little extra, i suspect it is going towards a new server setup for the special servers that are in our future:)
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  10. This is why the community here sucks so bad
    And you all act surprised when people leave.
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  11. so it sucks why exactly?
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  12. If this is a sucky community I am a retarded chipmunk.
  13. 1. Justin and Jeremy have both put a good amount of money into EMC, as far as I know from talking to them. Last I heard from them directly, all the money from the supporters went straight back into EMC.

    2. Honestly, I don't think that's fair to them. Justin and Jeremy work incredibly hard for us to have fun like we do on the Empire. They should be getting something for it.

    3. I'm not so entitled to think I deserve to have everything done for me for free. If someone's helping me out, I'd like to reward them for what they do, especially if they do an awesome job :)
  14. hmmm.. your always a retarted chipmunk xD
  15. Get off of me chicken.
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  16. Any post posing any sort of question or suggestion that does not fall into the bounds of what you have deemed as "acceptable" is immediatley met with resistance, mocking, memes, or simple "No" replies. I have NEVER seen a coomunity so against any sort of out of the box thinking. You know all those pvp polls that you all so vehemently argued against? Guess what, pvp is coming.

    You parrot out-of-date replies from staff like they are decrees from god themselves, without stopping to question or think if the answer is the same as it was months ago. The moderators and staff can do no wrong, and if anybody so much as questions them, their decisions, or anything about the server, you react like somebody threatened your father with a gun. I have not seen one suggestion submitted here not become flamed with some sort of "No" post, with half of you not even reading the OP.

    Your arguments quickly dissolve into flame wars were you try to levy backhanded aguments against us, all the while the staff ignores it. There is so much hostility in this community that it is no wonder that people are leaving. Copher? SWM? Leo? How many of the people leaving could have been avoided by simple human decency? You act as if there is no reason for people to leave the servers, because they are "the best out there". But you are unwilling to do any slight thing to make them any better than they are. And if somebody tries, you destroy them.

    The servers are good. Maybe they can be the best out there. The reason people leave isn't the game style, its you. The staff, the community, its is YOU that causes people to leave. And as soon as you realize this. maybe you'll stop losing friends.
  17. I have many friends believe it or not and it is actually people like YOU that make me want to leave.
  18. I dont even have a desire to reply to any of your comments here. I asked a simple question: Where does my money go? Am I paying them money for service rendered, or am I donating to help keep servers running? THere was no harm in my question whatsoever. I took no aim at anybody. I spoke the truth. If there is PROFIT, then it CANNOT be donation by definition. If there IS profit, then it is NOT charitable donation. That was the only point and only reason for the question.

    But all of you were too busy reading in between the lines, looking for a reason to flame, spam, bring out your memes and general bad attitudes that you never stopped to think "Hmm, you know, I HAVENT seen a financial breakdown of where my money goes when I give it to them. I've always taken it on faith". Which is not a bad thing, but there are DOZENS of supporters now. How much does each server cost? How close are we to covering ALL of the servers? Do we do so already? What do they ACTIVELY do with the excess money then? Is it set aside, saving for a new server?

    It was a simple, harmless question met with, shocker, hostility by such a terrible community. I really am ashamed of all of you.
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  19. There is no such thing as intelligent, peaceful conversation in this community.
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