EMC fantasy football!!

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  1. Hello all you beautiful people i want to start a fantasy football team but i need 12 people at the most to do this with. You must know about football and it be awesome if you played fantasy football before so anybody? When i get 12 people to agree i will make the league and post the link on here to join thanks.
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  2. Oh yes. I'm down.
  3. No, I can, maybe name 5 football teams.
    Jets, Giants, Steelers, Patriots.... Yeah that's all I got.
  4. come on you gotta know the Cowboys :) the best ever
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  5. I found a new friend go cowboys they benn my favorite since 20 years
  6. Yep im from Dallas so they have been my team since i knew what football was.
  7. Well since you live in Dallas did u go to in n out burger
  8. Oh yes i love that place
  9. I live in New Jersey. Not the Jersey Shore Part (Seaside), I live in Morris County. That's where they did The Sopranos.
  10. I would like to join and i have played football for 5 years so i know the fouls and stuff like.
  11. ok 3 down and 9 to go
  12. I left Texas just before the In n Out, but thankfully there's lots of them in California. I do miss Whataburger though :(
    And Dairy Queen, out here they are mostly just ice cream parlors, which is really strange. We do have Carl's Jr. which pretty much makes up for it.

    Sorry to be so off topic, but I'm the last person you'd want for fantasy football, sadly. Unless of course, you mean Powder Puff :p
  13. Broncos....that's really all I care about.
    I don't watch football.
  14. Near where I live we also have Lucky Boy, which kind of makes up for not having Five Guys or Sonic.
  15. Why must americans call football soccer? It pisses me off xP
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  16. I have never been good at Fantasy "American Football"; but I am up for it!
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  17. Oh, and what site are we doing this on? I prefer ESPN because that's where I have all my other leagues, but I'll be up for NFL or CBS or other sites.
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  18. As an American, I think it's because America thinks their better then all the other countries, therefore don't have to abide by the other countries naming systems. I mean really, the sports would be better named the other way around.
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  19. ballfoot?
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