EMC Fantasy Football 2014

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  1. Hey all! Some of you may remember the fantasy football league I ran last year. I've gotten some requests from a few people who played last year to start it up again, so I figured I would get it set up. Deathconn and I will be running the league this year. If you are into football, and interested in joining us, please submit your application below using the provided format. Note, you do not need to have previous experience with fantasy football, its pretty straight forward.

    Important Information

    What: Fantasy Football. This is for American Football, and it's a game that requires some knowledge of football, or at least a willingness to learn. You select football players for your team in a draft and then get points for how well they play. To actively participate, I'd recommend spending at least 20 minutes a week managing your team.

    Where: nfl.com

    Who: 10 people, currently 5 spots are for sure filled by returning teams

    How: Fill out the application below. If accepted, you will be added to a private conversation where you will receive the necessary info to join the league. There will be a live draft, and attendance is recommended. We will be having a 5000r buy in this year, so 1st and 2nd place will be getting a prize.


    How long have you played on EMC:
    Have you ever been banned/kicked and why:
    Are you a NFL football fan:
    Favorite NFL team:
    Why we should select you:
  2. Can't wait! It was tons of fun last year!
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  3. Bump!
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  4. Bump! We still need 4 people! (I think)
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  5. Awesome hope the league works out for you guys.
    *Also Emc Fantasy Football is ran by members of the community and isn't Official Emc Staff event. Sorry but had to say that last part. Good luck,
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  6. Come on guys, this is a really good thing to be a part of. I did it last year and had a lot of fun!
  7. You still looking for people?
  8. yes! We would be happy to have you! Just fill out the application and we will see what cddm says. He is in charge and has the final say.
  9. How long have you played on EMC: 58 days
    Have you ever been banned/kicked and why: Nope
    Are you a NFL football fan: Oh yeah
    Favorite NFL team: Dallas Cowboys
    Why we should select you: I know football and I love fantasy football. :p
  10. just because of your favorite team, we are not letting you on :p. JK
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  11. I knew I would get some hate lol :p
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  12. You guys had a nice first game against the Chargers ;)
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  13. Yeah, didn't get to watch it though since I live in Wisconsin. :(
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  14. What team do you guys like?
  15. New England Patriots all the way. Jimmy Garoppolo is doing great and I think the Pats will have a great season this year.
  16. Nice, I don't mind the pats.
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  17. Steelers mate.

    And I guess I have to like the Chargers since I kinda live there :p
  18. what do you mean. We are doing the 2nd annual emc fantasy football and we would love for you to join!
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