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  1. Soooo for the last like few weeks me and spiffiey have had weird dreams about EMC having a giant expo kinda like E3 where they show all this cool stuff and new things that are coming out. It was really kool, we kinda had dreamed up the same things which is crazy (i think shes my sister, or shes in my head) :p then I was telling her that while we were waiting for all the news to come out their were like lounges for groups of friends and everything :p like you have your Admins sitting at their table and the mods, then everyone else's little seating area.

    P.S This is not an idea just a kool dream we had that we wanted to share, cause i don't think this would be at all possible. :p Then their was like dancing and stuff omg it was an amazing dream ! :D
  2. Weird, I have the same kind of thoughts! Getting to see all my EMC friends in the flesh would be super cool... and the dancing stuff too xD
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  4. Everyone loves dancing :D
  5. Haha, depends where this would be hosted at, and it would have to be in a summer when it's most accessible by most users , but great idea.
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  6. Weird that I had thought this too, and I was already plannin on doing it. I will do it on my res and it will have a general floor area with stages and then tree will be several big rooms for people to have seminars or such
  7. Ya it would take a lot of planning ! :p
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  8. I guess EMC can afford an EMC Expo when we hit 300,000 members, Almost there :p