EMC Curve Fever Tournament

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    I wonder if anyone here knows this game. Back in the old days it was called Achtung die Kurve 2, now it's Curve Fever 2.
    I'm hosting a tournament for EMC players at it.
    It doesn't matter if you don't know the game, you can head to http://curvefever.com/play2.php, make an account (or play as a guest) and check it out.
    It'll most likely be still quite some time until the tournament, so you'll have time to practice.
    For who doesn't know the game, a short overview:
    You're a line.
    You can go left and right.
    You need to try to survive as long as possible by not hitting any other line.
    There are also special items (examples: go faster, make other people fat, inverse other people's controls, et cetera) you can get.
    It's fun!

    I'll be hosting 3 6 player games.
    The first one will start at noon EMC time, on a Saturday.
    I'll be one of the 6 players participating.
    Everyone participating must make a free account.
    Before the first match starts, I'll make a room with a password I'll pm to all participants.
    Please be in time, we won't wait for you, but rather start without you.
    When everyone participating has joined, I'll publicly release the password on this thread, so people can spectate.
    Everyone joining and contributing to the match (this means just playing, this is to prevent people from going AFK during a game) will get 2000 rupees.
    The person who places first will get 15k, the player who gets second will get 10k and the third 5k.
    The match will be played on the European server, so European people are preferred above people from other regions, in order to prevent lag. You may apply even if you're not European, though.

    So yeah, I am actually participating myself, but there is not much to do about that.
    If I might win and I'll need to give myself 17k, I'll still give out the prizes for the second and third place.
    Besides, I'm not even that good, so if you practice a bit, you might beat me.

    The rankings will go like this for every match:
    1st = +5
    2nd = +4
    3rd = +3
    4th = +2
    5th = +1
    6th = +0
    The scores from each match will be added up (so at the end of the three matches you can have a score ranging from 0-15), and those scores decide who gets 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.
    If multiple of those people have the same scores, we'll work something out.

    Participants (EMC name : curve fever name):
    607 : supermariobrosdeluxe
    jkrmnj : jkrmnj
    Dj__Krazy : Your Senpai

    haastregt : haastregt
    Please fill this out if you want to join:
    Curve fever name:

    Perhaps that wasn't too clear, but any questions are welcome.
    I hope to see you at the tournament! :)
  2. Curve fever name: supermariobrosdeluxe
    Region: Europe
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  3. Sounds cool :p
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  4. I think it is going to be cool! :) Are you new to the game?
  5. Hey, people who voted on the poll, are you not available at the specified time or do you just not feel like joining?
  6. Yeah. No i have been part of EMC for over 100 days now ;)
  7. I meant curve fever :p Have you played Achtung die Kurve 2/Curve Fever 2 before?
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  8. Is it pretty much like Snake?
  9. It could pretty much be inspired by Snake. There are items and power-ups though, you can go in every direction instead of only up, down, left and right (by steering), and it's with multiple people. Try it out, you could play as a guest if you're not sure if you want to create an account! :)

    No, it'll most likely be the first Saturday after we get enough people together.
  10. Okay. I'll try it out. Who knows. I may enjoy it. :) I may join the tournament but don't know if I'll be able to make it.
  11. :D
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  12. The time of the start of the event was moved to noon EMC time :)
  13. I just played it and it's basically multiplayer snake with items, which I think is pretty cool. What day is it at? Couldn't find it in the OP.
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  14. Thank you for trying it out! :)
    It'll be on a Saturday.
  15. I want to play with you people! :)
  16. Curve name: jkrmnj
    Region: North America
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  17. Yay! :D

    And qwerty, are you also going to join? :3
  18. Curve name: Your Senpai
    Region: North America
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  19. Now that's three, we're half-way there! :)