EMC Community Centre! Coming Soon!

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  1. Ok. So I now know what to build on my second res. I am going to build a community centre with a cafe and a workshop among other yet to be announced things. But it won't be just a community centre I am going to also build a Museum and a Casino. I am going to get an Eclipsys build for it so I need all the donations I can get. Anyone who donates will get their name mention both on the thread and in the final product and will also get an area named after them. So for example Aikar was one of the highest donators, I would name the drop party room the Aikar Drop Party Room.

    Amazin_Swordfish - 2000r
    nfell2009 - 1000r
    penfoldex - 500r
    72Volt - 3r
    _Stads_ - 2r

    If you donate just post in the thread.
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  2. He's currently has a heavy load on projects so getting him is low at best and it will cost you a mint for his services
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  3. Well. I have to save up yet. It might take some time before I have enough money to get one.
  4. The price is negotiable but get ready pay more than 50k at best.
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  5. Yeah. :(
  6. The current price if I am not mistaken is 70,000 with materials provided and 90,000 without.
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  7. Ok. So I need donations for this project. Eclipsys has an epic design for it. This is going to be an awesome creation and it is going to be of good use.
  8. Ok. So I am changing what will happen if you donate. Instead of just getting recognised the highest donators will get an area named after then. So, say Aikar was one of the highest donators, I would name the drop party room the Aikar Drop Party Room. So donate please guys. This will be an amazing community building!
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  10. So far my auction is at 14k! Woot!:)
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  11. I'm gonna start the name bidding off by donating 1r, because I'm just a scrooge like that ;)
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  12. I can confirm that. 72Volt has donated 1r making him the highest donator! :p
  13. I'll donate 2r! :p
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  14. I donated! :D
  15. Consider yourself outbid. I have just paid Mba an extra 2r, bringing my total bid to 3r!
  16. Screw you guys, I'm going home.
  17. South Park, gotta love it!
  18. Really, I'm not 5tads I'm Stads! I didn't even pay it through my alt _5tads_ :p
  19. Oh lol. I went to 8888 and saw _5tads_ so I thought that is what it actually was.