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  1. We (Sopby and Malicaii12) have recently been working on a 'store' project on SMP3.

    We have decided to donate profits to victims of griefing and will be working together closely to ensure that we can generate enough money to support victims and also verify victims so we can make sure people are genuine and not just trying to scam for rupees. This is something we will be taking very seriously and donations will not be made out to players who have not been investigated first.

    The build may not be complete for some time but we are eager to get this thing started!
    This is a great community and we hope we can show our support by introducing this (-:

    Feel free to get back to us with any questions, concerns or opinions.

    -Sopby and Malicaii12

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  2. Great idea :) Would you like rupees or items??
  3. Great idea - must have been yours and not Mali's.
  4. I like this. Good job you two :)
  5. I don't know, Malicaii12 is very nice :)
  6. It's completely up to you, however items must be unused for them to be sold on of course (-:
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  7. The build is complete so now we need the materials! If anyone has any unused items or blocks they no longer need, please message me and I will arrange a pick up by either myself or Malicaii12.
  8. Sopby: Im going to let my residence with container/build and use flags for you till wednsday, take whatever you need. Also, Ill leave some pickaxes on one of the front chests of my residence (enchanted stuff). Please use them for the best purposes.
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  9. You can find my chests going to /v copherfield and going through the workbench portal.
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  10. Do you need any stone? Because ive got a lot im not using
  11. Make sure to give them cake too.
  12. Let them eat cake!
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  13. Melody approved.
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  14. People these days ....... A few fancy words will make us donate .....

    Here is 5k, jk
  15. I will donate 5% of my income, if the charity is doing what it suppose to do.
  16. I thought you left .... Can you still pay for my auction?
  17. Why are you such a negative nancy? Them helping people should be a great thing. It would be different if they were using mod powers to grief houses and whatnot. They're not selling the items, they're donating them to people who have been griefed and lost items.
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  18. Nothing here
  19. Malicaii is a moderator, they will only help thoose that are prooven to be griefed.
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  20. And Malicaii12's name isn't in green just to match his shoes or something. He's a MOD who can look at these things in the system.