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  1. From my point of view, I'm not as active in the economy as I once was. Having a larger selection of spending opportunities could prove to be more useful in the long run. I'd like to see them for sure!
    With my rupee value draining and no directions to change it moving forward, I usually only sell my precious items now.

    I would love it if we had other spending options. As Raaynn pointed out, the opportunity to buy any or even limited build team builds could be fun alternatives.

    Moreover promos. Sigh. Our beloved promos being hoarded for their long-lasting enriching qualities. A long time ago, these were mere rupee dumps on the Empire Shop halls. I am in agreeance, that promotional tools and so forth, despite being powerful, should be more limited on durability in their future releases.

    Yup, it becomes a regular occurrence if you spend enough time farming and being patient. They're not my favorite, but worth a good showdown. ;)
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  2. It's great to find a sink for items and Sefl's idea of sacrificing them is the only one that has come up but there is also the idea of making items harder to get in the first place. And where do items come from? Farms, mob farms, strip mining, etc. So how do we make that harder?

    Decrease mining speed? This helps but makes mc feel bad especially if you come from sp.

    Reduce spawn rates? Because of other players in the world mob farms are already doing way less than SP versions.

    Reduce attack damage? This is already handled, can't keep breaking it further.

    How about as a whole? Farms are a huge source of items but the players who build them are doing a normal minecraft activity.

    But what about public farms? Yes, they bring the community together to build it but should every new player be able to lob in to the server and just start getting free stuff? By sitting in a massive mob farm others built? With no cost in time, money, effort, anything?

    Free stuff is killing this economy. Public farms provide masses of stuff at very low cost (compared to the building of it). And they can provide it to every single person that goes there.

    Isn't it about time we put a cost on it? 100k to use the public farm? monthly rental fee of 25k?Whatever is done can help make items more valuable and less infinite.

    I would prefer the public farms all be destroyed. And maybe rebuilt 100k+ out of town if at all so at least there is a time cost in going there. And then make the players pay to use it. And obviously they will need to buy shulker boxes to get the stuff back so limited amounts can be brought in and only after a long journey.

    For people who say that public farms are inviting and keep people on the server, where are they? They came in, got free stuff, couldn't sell anything because everyone else had free stuff and now there is no challenge and nobody to buy anything. Goodbye.

    If you want to be able to sell stuff, stop giving things away for free or even cost price. If you do not value your time making something then you are part of the problem with the economy. It devalues your efforts. That doesn't mean you can't sell stuff cheap but the cheaper you make your stuff, the less people will bother trying to sell theirs. Good luck, you spent 2000 hours getting rich. But now there is no one left to buy anything because they value their time more than you do yours.
  3. A big thing to me is i really would like any changes to not make it more difficult for new players to enter the economy, as it stands its already very difficult for new players to get into the economy, for one its intimidating.

    how would you all feel about the Empire shop reopening with buy and sell signs BUT the sell is for tokens?

    Example Diamond, Buy 150 rupees, Sell 10 tokens. obviously some items would need to be either excluded or be Very low amounts (like 1 token for 64)

    Right now this wouldnt be to helpful but once Empires is out it could be

    i checked and sell signs at /shop are a denied suggestion, but from what i can tell it was denied in 2013 so i felt that the time since then + the token difference warranted another look :)

    i know this would change the intended purpose of tokens but i would ask you to think about it :)
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  4. I'm for reopening the empire shop and giving tokens a use. The only downside is the confusion that this will cause, as we will be managing two different currencies simultaneously, instead of just one.

    Also, once the market gets "balanced out", a choice will have to be made of if tokens will be the new currency for buying and selling things or rupees will. I'm assuming it will require a bit of code from Chickeneer, and potentially take time away from 1.14.

    I love the idea you had, as I think it could help, but the other disadvantages make me believe this may not happen.
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  5. I thought the idea was to give players more customers. If you make it easy for new players to buy from the shop then they won't go looking elsewhere and when no one is in game to advertise that's where they'll go. There is no demand for goods now, allowing the shop to sell stuff again just lowers the demand for your goods.

    That's why the shop was ditched, to help improve the player economy.

    As for selling to the shop, it has to be so cheap that no one would want to do it otherwise you are just adding more rupees or tokens into the economy, 1r for a stack of stone for example. If you use tokens then people will scream for a reason to have tokens leading to more bad press for EMC. Future promos could be bought with tokens only. They can still be sold to other players for rupees but the initial purchase is in tokens. Like avalaunchers.

    Not bad really, sell a stack of wheat/carrots, etc or for 1 token, stone for 1 token but anything that can't be produced in town goes up quickly in token value. Sorry but if you're just sitting there while villagers farm for you or using a macro to make stone from a generator you don't get much. Gives farmers and miners both an outlet for their unused goods but miners have to go to the waste for anything decent.

    Balancing it all is the trickiest bit, good luck SS.
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  6. Purchasing of builds is one idea, but I still think there could be a number of other rupee sinks in terms of items, and even more in services. Item wise, instead of promos, what about crafted items like we had at PVP. god armour/tools that wear out. I havent seen much movement in the private sector recently and most shops seem empty. or regular non promos with normally unavailable enchants?
    Also idk, but maybe put in a bunch of decoration items somehow? Pixel arts for sale in the Map Shop?
    What other services could there be? Other Intangible services/benefits? Buying a res tag or location? brainstorming...
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  7. Sure we can go to Wynter and others, but takes time for them to build, and in fact I have several times requested players for something (that they advertised) and never once received requested build. Includes a custom tree, a pixel art map, a story, and several others... SOOO, at least I may get my build if ordered officially...

    And as more players have more disposable rupees they dont know what to do with, they may start to buy small builds so their outposts look cooler :)

    I know I would order several dragons :D not just one.
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  8. Sounds like a great idea the more you explain. Even for outposts. But in either case I would expect a hefty fee plus the blocks required to be provided before the build is copied in. That has the added benefit of removing cash and items. Make it for a limited time after the event and with an unbreakable sign and/or contract paper then boom, megapromo.
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  9. It would be great if more people piped in with their thoughts, for it to be fixed it needs your help!
  10. I'm not sure when EMC will update to 1.14, but when it does, this could impact the economy:

    Not sure what the impacts of this will/could be, but I know that all those players complaining about iron farms being impossible in 1.14 can stop...