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  1. 1. What can be auctioned? (Rule Edited 04/30/12)
    Auctions are to be reserved for items that are considered rare and hard to get. This pretty much excludes everything you would find in the /store. Think of things like Dragon Eggs & enchanted items for when posting your auction.

    2. What is to be expected of me as an auction holder?
    Auction holders are expected to post all details of their auctions in the main post before the auction starts. There should be no editing of the main post by the auction holder at any time. If there needs to be an edit, please contact a moderator so we can determine if it is acceptable or not. Changing of time/rules of that specific auction aren't things that would be acceptable. Typos (spelling, etc.) would be. The auction holder is to stand by the posted rules NO MATTER WHAT. This means you are bound to selling the item for the price the winner gets it at. You can not back down if you're unhappy with the price. You may not cancel an auction due to selling the item to someone outside the auction. You may not end the auction earlier than stated in the main auction post to sell it to a bidder early. This includes adding "Buy It Now" prices. Auctions are meant to be auctions only.

    3. How many auctions may I hold at once?
    We ask that you hold only one auction at a time to keep it nice and tidy for both auction holders, bidders, and staff to keep moderated. When one of your auctions has ended you may message a staff member to lock the thread for you so it doesn't get bumped in the future.

    4. What is to be expected of me as an auction bidder?
    As an auction bidder, you may not bid on an item that you do not have the funds for at the time of the bid. You are expected to pay the auction holder within the set time as stated by them in their original post. This means, do not make a bid and then go crazy buying things at shops that would bring you down past your bid price. You may not cancel a bid once it is placed. Doing so will most likely screw up the auction for everyone else as a lot of them are determined by timing of the last bidder.

    5. What happens to me if I don't follow the rules as a bidder or auction holder?
    You will be blacklisted from seeing the EMC Auctions section. This means you can no longer bid or hold your own auctions. It's in your best interests to always follow the rules for anything on the Empire, including auctions.

    6. Where is the edit post button?
    For the sake of auction and making sure people don't skimp out on bids they posted or trying to scam the system, everyone is given an edit post time of 10 minutes. This is to correct any quick mistakes you might have made/noticed real quick, so make sure to proof read your post before and after it's posted.

    7. Fake Bids (Rule Added 04/26/12)
    To avoid confusion, there will be no fake bids allowed. This includes joke bids if you prefer to say it that way. For example: "I bid 20K, lolol jk." Doing this in auctions may result in being blacklisted. Please keep all auctions on the point an as smooth as possible.
  2. Feel free to ask any questions or bring up anything you would like to see listed as a rule and it will be discussed here. :)
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  3. does this mean auctions are allowed now
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  4. Sounds great. :)

    Just out of curiosity, should we /report the person if they back out of an auction, or just message a senior mod or admin?
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  5. Send a Sr. mod or myself a message. I'm posting a guideline for how an auction post should be done in a moment, then auctions are free to go. :)
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  6. I am so glad to see this subforum! I think the blacklisting will be a great tool to keep the auctions above-board, and, well, I'm just so happy to see them back. Thank you, Mods, Admins and Sr. staff for being willing to take this on :D
  7. Added a rule about editing posts.
  8. Is reporting your own ended auction suitable for getting it closed, or will that produce and immediate action needed response (i.e. messages Jeremy's phone).
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  9. How do we receive the item if one person is on, for example, Smp1 and you are on Smp6. How will you get it in your inventory?
  10. The item is transferable using vault.
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  11. I can see you need to read the guide. The answer to that question and many more that I'm sure you have can be found there :D
  12. It says only one Auction at a time. This I take it is to keep the Forum tidy.

    What about introducing an in-thread multiple auction option?


    You give each item a listing, so I'm auctioning off 5 pickaxes, each one is listed Item 1, Item 2, etc.

    People then post with the Item and their bid.

    "I bid 10k on Item 1"


  13. That sounds like a lot could go wrong, and get confusing quite quickly. I know I would never attempt multiple auctions in one thread. I've seen people so it, and it seemed to me like many items were neglected and sold for next-to-nothing. A large-lot auction would probably be easier all around.
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  14. Good point, well made.

    *Goes back under his rock*
  15. Ok, thanks alot didnt know that!
  16. Added rule 7.
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  17. and a fine rule it is
  18. How come there is no more buy it now
  19. Then it would be called a sale, not an auction ;)
  20. Because this isn't eBay, and there's strict rules because of how this was abused in the past. If you want to have a "Buy it Now", then don't auction it and post it in the marketplace forum.
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