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  1. Hey friends!

    From what I have been reading in the suggestion forum, a lot of players would like to see a mobile app created for EMC. Unfortunately, the staff members are all busy developing the server, kicking butt in the real world, and making sure they keep a smile on our faces!

    Therefore, I am going to try and create an app for, at first, android than soon after iOS. I'm sure there are ways to use android apps on iOS.

    I have had a few years of coding experience, and I pick up computing languages pretty easily.

    Though I cannot for sure say when the app will be released, I do pose a question to all of the players!
    What would you like to see featured in this app?

    Please comment below with any suggestions you may have!


    *ALSO! If any of you have coding experience and would like to help, please PM me!*

  2. This is a clone thread. Why are there two of them?
  3. I put under both "share your emc creations" and "community discussions" in case someone were to check one but not the other.
  4. Oh OK.
    I'm not sure that's the best idea.
  5. I like the idea. The mobile version of the site isn't that good in my opinion, so I would love to see a dedicated app :)
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  6. And... if you download you get an exclusive promo

  7. lol that would be cool, but hard to control. Also, this isn't staff promoted or sponsored, so that wouldn't happen.
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  8. I would love to see this. Once you get to the designing I would love to see/help any way that I can
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  9. I'd like the app to include a way to see your rupees/token history, the leaderboards, and view and post on the forum.
  10. Not sure if possible, but...

    Condense rupee history bulk sales?
  11. PM me, not quite sure what you are talking about!
  12. A link for voting on there? And also maybe the public events so we know when an event is if it was changed
  13. Cant wait to see how this will turn out!!
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  14. I believe that there already is an app for EMC.

    It's on the wiki: "EMC Android app(top)

    Created by jkrmnj
    This unofficial android app gives users the ability to view threads on their mobile phone. The Community is encouraged to help with the development of the app and give feature suggestions."
  15. Doesn't include all features mentioned here
  16. Im stilla bit confused on what he is doing here. Is it a game app or a app to view the forums?
  17. I hope this isn't a flop like the EMC Online mobile version on the interwebz ;-;
  18. My plan is to create an app that has all the important functions of the site (forums, voting, home feed and rupee history). I can upload a pic of what I would like the app look like.

    Basically I am trying to make a user friendly app. Web traffic is always a great thing to have, but being able to do it on an app allows for the user to be efficient. Instead of having to go on the phones browser or the laptop, a quick tap or two and you've voted, looked at rupees, checked forums etc.

    As far as flopping goes, I hope it doesn't. I would love to see this app take off throughout the community.
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  19. I'd love to see this coming.

    I'd like to see notifications for new alerts/messages