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  1. So over the years I've come across some interesting ads on the EMC website. I would hope that these aren't targeted personal ads towards me but nonetheless they still gave me a laugh. Please be free to post any ads you've come across the have caught your eye!

    Here are a few of mine:

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  2. I used to get lots of these weird commercials until I got ad-block. I would recommend getting it if you are sick of these.
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  3. Website is... Just ugly with ads. Infact all websites are ugly with ads, especialy the ones that have a red box saying "you have won a iPhone!"
    Instead of the adds there could be a random message saying how ICC loves watching us die. So many solutions.
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  4. this one really hit close to home
  5. Emc asking the important questions!
  6. My current ad is for Miami children hospital but Im from New York :p
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  7. I either get some kind of game ad or computer based thing. If you want to get some different ads, try googling some stuff you want to see. Not sure how well this will work, but they are supposed to be based on search history.
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  8. Meaning I google how to be a cougar aha
  9. Actually amazed because this place is like 30 mins from me, BUT THANKS EMC FOR RUBBING IT IN THAT I DON'T HAVE A CAR AND OUR TRUCK IS JUNK!:

    The name cracked me up more than anything:
  10. i would asume you have some kind of program or virus that is spamming your browser with adds...
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  11. Actually unless you have adblock or some other ad blocker, pages get ads. It helps them get money.
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  12. the little blue play button in the top right corner of the ad means its supplied by google. so they are targeted based on your browsing history.
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  13. Ads help run the server. I suggest you don't do ad block for EMC
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  14. until there is a better system in place in general for advertising, it is very unsafe to load ads, you can get malware and other nasties from them. i dont use an ad blocker per se. i just disallow the loading of most ad related tracking cookies.
  15. I use it because a lot of the adds that show up for me are inappropriate content, and I don't want to see things like that.
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  16. So much this.
    Ad-related malware and infections aren't common, but they can happen. In my experience, adblocker / no-script plugins are as vital as antiviral software. That said, I do realize the reality of the situation - ads pay bills, sites need the ads to keep moving, etc. It's an unfortunate situation.
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  17. I send a Do Not Track header with all of my links along with Ghostery blocking all 12 trackers on EMC as well as every other site, so the ads aren't targeted me, the upside being they're not targeted at what I look at. The bad side being they're not targeted at what I look at. Therefore I get some pretty weird ones at times, luckily most are just games.
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  18. To be honest, I'm kinda confused why for supporters, all ads are not shown. Any comment on why they're only somewhat hindered? Because isn't it a little odd that people who pay money are kinda, you know, still has to experince annoying little links to other websites? It's like trying to milk a cow who is already dry, and still getting some bit of milk from it.

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  19. I'm getting a lot of house building ads.... What??
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  20. I don't know, I kinda like having a site to look at.
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