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  1. What will happen to EMC when the update to 1.9 comes?
  2. Personally, I hope Endertopia doesn't get reset, but we still have the new end cities and such.
  3. We will update when the staff are sure that they have done as much debugging as possible.
  4. Gosh i can't even think of 1.9 we just got 1.8 it seems!
  5. Same as any other update. :p EMC will stay on 1.8 for a bit and eventually update to 1.9 when it's stable enough and most bugs have been worked out. It shouldn't take nearly as long to update as 1.8.
  6. i wonder how they will handle the new end code.... and if a reset is tentative
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  7. First and foremost, there will be a brief period of the devs working their asses off to get our plugins updated. Then with this particular update all strategies in pvp will no longer work. Third, you enjoy EMC as always.
  8. Do you mean in a general sense or did you have some specific 1.9 feature in mind? If you meant it in the general sense they will do what they did with any new minecraft release and update when they feel they're ready. If you meant the ladder, please do tell.
  9. Aikar says 1.9 will be much easier than 1.8 so I'm hoping it won't take too long. I'm not sure about the end, we may never get the new end blocks on EMC or maybe the end will reset. We will just have to see.
  10. Doesn't every end portal lead to a different end world?
  11. Well, I have only been to endertopia so I have no idea.
  12. each world has 3 end portals and they lead to the same dimension
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  13. short answer: not currently
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  14. I think the End shouldn't be too much of a problem. The main end world can remain non-resettable while the newer end islands could be used to farm stuff. Especially because they're endlessly generated. So basically; I think 1.9 could mean a lot of new opportunities for our End worlds.
  15. except that any enderman farms will be broken cause islands are going to appear in spawning range, and people are going to make paths near those farms to get to the new islands also the possibility of end seeds generating like ocean monuments and spawning inside enderman farms
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  16. I doubt that to be honest. The islands only spawn around (approx.) 900 blocks away from the main island, it's why you need a teleporter to get there.

    So its much more likely that the islands will appear in areas where no one has ever been before in the first place.

    You mean chorus trees. This is still in development but so far everything hints that those trees (and the End structures) only spawn on the islands, not the main End area. So the way things looks to me right now I think we have nothing to worry about here.

    Though obviously stuff can change.
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  17. Umm, guys, this thread is posted for the changes 1.9 will bring to EMC, not how the end codes will affect endertopia.
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  18. They might potentially create an End wasteland?
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  19. my farm is 900 out so the edge of what i have explored is a prime area for generation, and again as we have seen with monuments, on updates the seed can regenerate in an already explored area, it was also likely that ocean monuments wouldnt generate inside existing structures. theres quite a few farms on emc that can tell you that is wrong. also the information you are using to estimate that its unlikely is misinformed. islands have been seen in the snapshot generating 1000 out from the spawn point meaning depending on where that is could coincide with the existing island. thus very near peoples buildings and structures. the teleporters to the new islands also are tricky, so most people who build on a new island will probably build a path to it meaning making a rail system over / under my structure even if nothing breaks it.

    theres alot of changing things with 1.9 and alot of bugs aikar could miss that would all result in something ive spent alot of time on being broken so kindly keep your opinions and doubts about my concerns to yourself. actual information is more then welcome conjecture not so much.
  20. The only thing I am concerned about is the ability to change spawners by right clicking it with a mob egg, but I'm sure that'll be disabled.
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